is the grass any bluer...

is the grass any bluer...
on the other side?

Friday, August 22, 2014

Wait A Bat Minute, They'll Be Baaaackkk....

Lol - had to use this pic coz it's batty
Bats are pretty active this time of year. Sometimes they type out cool press releases and forward them to my ancient inbox at yahoo. Yahoo, being the antiquated mode of most folks like me who don't trust gmail, holds onto such messages and I get to read the news of everyone's favorite vampirical band...from leader and vocalist MISSY, here goes:

"Dang. Summer’s drawing to a close. While we were getting an ouchy Brazilian the other day, we were also waxing nostalgic about summer romances, dorm room bedspreads, and the end of white wine season…boo hoo hoo. But then we thought, “Well, the good news is, fall is coming! That means the kids are back in school, Keeneland’s starting any minute, Batfans will be coming home from their exotic vacays, and we don’t have to have another Brazilian for at least 6 months ‘cause the pools will all be closing. Winning! 

And then the nice girl with the demonic smile and hot sugar wax reminded us of this song: So while that sadistic wench (that we will never go back to!!) spent the next 20 minutes torturing us, we wrote our own version of “See You in September.” We were kinda screaming a little when we sang it at the salon, but it works equally well if you just want to sing it quietly to yourself.

Anyway, here it is:

Seems like so long since our July show

But there’s one soon, we thought you should know

Next month, the sixth, at 8

Next month, the sixth

See you in September

See you, now that summer’s through

Here we are, planning our show at Natasha’s (we’ll sing and we’ll play, we’ll sing and we’ll play)

We tweezed our mustashas (we’ll sing and, we’ll sing and)

So we’ll look good for you (we’ll sing and we’ll play)

It’s a good time

But remember,

There is danger if you don’t reserve your seats

Will we see you in September?

Or lose you to CSI repeee-ee-ee-ee-ee-eats?

Counting the days ‘til we’ll be with you

Counting the hours and the minutes too

We’ll sing and we’ll play

We’ll sing and we’ll play

We’ll sing and we’ll play (Next month, the sixth, at 8)

We’ll sing and we’ll play (Call soon, don’t wait)


Bring your best pals

And a D.D.

‘Cause we never want to see you drink and drive

Want to see us in September?

Call the number, it has some nines and fiiii—i-i-i-i-ives!

Seems like so long since our August show

But there’s one soon, we thought you should know

(Next month, the sixth, at 8, next month, the sixth, at 8…)

See you in September, we hope that we see you in September, Oh Batties we’ll see you in September….

Okay, so big deal, we couldn’t fit the reservation number into The Happenings’ limited lyric scheme, but we happened to be otherwise occupied with lidocaine ointment. 

Here it is: 859-259-2754; call Mon-Fri between 11:00 and 4:00, and moisturize frequently for optimal results.

See you in September! 
We should be fully recovered by then.


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