is the grass any bluer...

is the grass any bluer...
on the other side?

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

David Senatore's "Designing Murder: Whatever Happened to Baby June?" presented by Fantastical Theatricals Opens Thursday!

'Tis the season to stage many a play and with all the various projects coming to fruition, I want to get the scoop and post as fast as I can these days.  

After all, I'm busy crying over country songs on the radio and trying to learn them so I can sing, cry and play at the same time...but what are folks in the theatre community busy doing?  In particular today, I was wondering what Ms Kathy Hobbs and her murderous crew were up to now.  So I asked her what Fantastical Theatricals has up its sleeves. 

Fantastical Theatricals Founder and Producer Kathy Hobbs

Hobbs says, "Thank YOU, Kimmy for thinking of us! Fantastical Theatricals is just giddy over this week's debut of 'Designing Murder: Whatever happened to Baby June?' Thursday night at the Chop House! 

This will be the world premiere of this play
by Lexington's own funnyman, ukulele fan, and
recent opera star, David Senatore!

Not only is it the debut of the script, but this hysterical mystery parody script was written specifically for Fantastical Theatricals by David Senatore! 

If you love Designing Women, and Bette Davis, you'll definitely want to join Fantastical Theatricals for dinner and a show, Thursday evenings April 4 & 11 and Saturday afternoons, April 6 & 13. 

You can use this link to 

purchase tickets (only 

$15.00 plus menu ordering.
or call 859-229-2518 for more info!

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