is the grass any bluer...

is the grass any bluer...
on the other side?

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Vicki Abelson's 30-Day Challenge For Women Who Write

Women Who Write 
Founder, Vicki Abelson
" We're not all women, 
and we don't all write."
Anytime someone encourages another soul to stretch out artistically, only good can come from it.  

Years ago a friend of mine, Jennifer Miller, took up the banjo.  She is an attorney and well respected smarty pants photographer, dog lover, arts supporter, and civic leader, so our paths have happily crossed over the years.  

With the joy that new found discovery brings,
Jennifer embraced the instrument and didn't hesitate to ask for advice from  her musician friends (via social media, which is why I know she took up the banjo '-) to help her figure how to play a chord or a transition that was difficult.  Late night tweets would appear, and though  updating us with her progress and sharing her musical experience was very cool of her to do, it was also a great source of inspiration to me I thought, wow, maybe I could learn how to play something new ... then shortly thereafter, I was given the ukulele for my birthday, and the rest is history.  I am hooked to that ukulele for the rest of my life, as you all well know.  Oh and by the way therefore I now have three jobs:  writing, playing and acting.  Yep, it's true. I have finally achieved the status of 'starving artist.'    See?  Dreams do come true, Kimmy...

Recently a friend of mine from social media, Vicki Abelson, asked me to join a group she founded, Women Who Write, which has been steadily gaining in popularity over the few years I have known her -- and I know her through my buddy Bridgett "B-Rod" Clooney via the miracle of Facebook.   (^^^^Longest run-on sentence yet today. I'm on fire! lol)  

This sassy twitter mom who likes to make you raise your eyebrows was even featured in the Huffington Post a few weeks ago.  She's turning heads, kicking ass, taking names.  Natch.  She hosts the group in her California home each month, and has had some notable guest speakers grace her gatherings with their presence -- cool menfolk with highbrow names like Carl Reiner and Michael Nesmith. 

Oh, and Vicki is no shrinking violet, let me just add. She will kick your ass in a heartbeat if it needs kicking with her sharp wit and quick humor.  She is a genius at social media, at ease whether tweeting or updating ... in fact, Ms. Abelson seems to have her way with any port in the social media storm. 

So I was not surprised when Vicki used Facebook and Twitter to ask her faithful to participate in her newest game of words.  For the next 30 days including today, Vicki has invited me to take her 30-day challenge, which is simply to write 5 minutes every day for 30 days.  Her hope is that it will not be enough for us to simply write for 5 minutes because we all have so much to say and we will come up with some 'good shit' ... and of course, she was right.  See?  Don't Fence Me In, already.
Jennifer Miller and Kimmy at SUMMERFEST!!!

We could all use more chums like Jennifer Miller and Vicki Abelson in our life. They are both leaders in their field, outspoken and unapologetic, and best of all, they are unafraid of new vistas.  Their courage nurtures the spirit of discovery in our own chosen art form.  

Life is but a dream, lambchops. Live it.  I'll be back tomorrow with the second installment.  Let's just hope I have something to gripe about.  I'm much funnier when I'm whining.  No? 


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