is the grass any bluer...

is the grass any bluer...
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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Exile's Marlon Hargis Returns to Lexington Monday with Exile

Marlon Hargis
WoodSongs.  It's the best thing that ever happened to a Monday. 

This Monday, WoodSongs Old-Time Radio Hour, in its new home at the Lyric Theatre, will welcome again hometown boys done good, Exile, to the WoodSongs stage. (You can call 252.8888 and reserve your seat :)

Other than being local legends and worldwide sensations, Exile's appeal is the harmonic sound -- an amalgam of voices and virtuosos, sometimes they sound like a gospel choir; other times, like a barbershop quartet gone fishing...with guitars, drums and keyboards, too, thank ya very much. 

Listening to their songs, or playing them on the ukulele, is so fun because if I can't sing Sonny's high harmony notes, I can sing one of the lower parts, and learning a few of their songs has taught me that I don't have to sing melody all the time. It's always cool to see how playing one sort of music can affect the way you play or sing another style. Lately, I've been playing Hawaiian Reggae-Samoan style...just because I had a request recently for Somewhere Over the Rainbow, Hawaiian think that might mean I need a vacation.

Back to our friends, Exile, returning to the Lexington stage, celebrating 50 years, and a new album, and we will learn more about all of that on Monday.  (If you can't make it to the show, watch the broadcast on your computer at, 7pm every Monday...LIVE!)

LeMaire, Hargis, Pennington, Goetzman & Taylor
When I learned Exile was returning to WoodSongs I wanted to catch up with the band's longtime keyboard player, Marlon Hargis.  He doesn't live in Lexington now, and we rarely hear-tell about him, so I figured this would be a good opportunity to catch up with him, find out where he's been, where he's, let's go!

Marlon tells me about the frst song he ever played, "My parents made me take piano lessons at age 5; first song was from a John Thompson piano book-probably something like Twinkle Twinkle Little Star-- first song I ever played with a band was either Money or Little Latin Lupe Lu, by The Kingsmen.  My first song on guitar was probably Louie Louie," he recalls.

Hargis has lived in Nashville "since1987or thereabouts. I moved here because it's the center of the music business. I toured with Jerry Reed for a couple of years after I first moved here, did session work, and played in local Club Bands for years after that. Still do some regional gigs every now and then with local bands Key Largo, and The NashVegas All Stars. Still do some session work, both playing and producing, when not out with Exile"

His favorite songs the group performs these days are: Kiss You All Over, It'll Be Me, Didn't It Rain, Middle of the Road and his favorite songs not performed are This Could Be The Start of Something, Music, The Girl Can't Help It, Promises, Promises.

I asked him if he were indeed, like so many other musicians I have interviewed here in Kimmyville, ever stuck on deserted island and could only take four albums, which would he choose?  

No surprise that he chose The Beatles' Sgt. Peppers, that is a favorite of many a musician ... along with Chicago Transit Authority

"The Allman Bros. Live At The Fillmore," 
Steve, Les, Sonny, Marlon & JP = 
Kentucky Hall of Fame's EXILE

"Motown Greatest Hits"

Marlon says the biggest influence on his musicality is definitely "The British Invasion; and my piano teacher growing up (Thelma Harris).

He claims the best advice he ever received was at his first 'professional' effort.  "My first paying gig was at The Old Barn at Renfro Valley, 1964, I think. We were paid $2 a piece. Our Manager said, "Boys, this is your first paid gig - you're now professionals - always act like one!"

He laughs, "the worst advice -- given many times --"Trust me!"

Does Marlon Hargis have a secret talent?  (Mine is that I can whistle louder than anyone in Rupp Arena.)  He says, "Hidden talent?  I'm a very good carpenter, painter, interior designer, and landscape artist- but my proudest hidden talent is being able to cough exactly like a Chihuahua! The cats love it!

Exile's Marlon Hargis is more than just a piano player.  In addition to his performing roles with Exile playing keyboards and singing, he also "helps oversee Merchandise sales, Website and Web sales, help with Publicity and Promotion."  After the WoodSongs show is through, you'll be able to go to the lobby and check out all their goods and maybe meet the fellows.  That's the cool thing about WoodSongs, you get to see great bands, at a reasonable price, and every seat and show is fabulous.  

If you see Marlon, tell him Kimmyville sent ya.  lol.  

 See you at the show,



Monday Feb 18 6:45PM
Tix: $15 Public; $5 Students; * WOODSONGS PARTNERS FREE!
EXILE is one of America's legendary bands. 
In 1963, the year before the Beatles scored their first American hit, a group of kids calling themselves The Exiles climbed onto an outdoor stage in the small town of Richmond, Ky. The group ... JP Pennington, Les Taylor, Sonny LeMaire, Marlon Hargis and Steve Goetzman ... are celebrating 50 years together with their first new album in 20 years, their induction into the Kentucky Music Hall of Fame and more. 

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