Mason Colby 
Eric Sutherland

Tuesday, December 4 at 8pm @ Institute 193

A record release party for My Life As A Receiver and fundraiser for 
The Lonely Mountain Community Center

Hosted by Whitney Baker

Stationary Bike/Cardiovascular Sighs by Robert Beatty 
Earthtonic Electronic Underlay by Daryl Cook
Time In A Bottle by Bruce Burris

My Life As A Receiver

Side A:
1. Reciever
2. My Life As A Receiver
3. Icicle Icicle
4. The Ladder in the Garage (westeside story)
5. Cut Your Sunflower Jake
6. What you say you saw
Side B:
1. Merhorse Legend
2. Exactly the same calf as the one before
3. Her Hands James
4. The Bellringers Longing
5. 7x7 was exactly what you wanted
6. internal and as with all quests a sad surprise
7. The Brandywiners
My Life As A Receiver
By The Stoner Creek Boys
Kinder words have never been shouted
the skylight glass ceiling shatters
we are delighted to find out that we were never in it together
blessed is the ragged airstream coil which informs us that we have never been
your routine a weathervane which points to the heart of it
and always the information
the granite mountain mass of it
a carnival weight that we can never bear
the inexorable moment is a turn to dust bin fragment
it was not like this before it was just like this before
My life as a receiver
of the most inauthentic moment
yet to never be recorded
bears witness to the faint trace of yet another failed documentation
a testimony to the powers of the rabid notary
detested by all a friend to nobody but all of us
a strarstruck fracture a gust a rupture to taunt all birds and feather will shatter
the sheer intensity of the insincerity of our bond
is so much more than we will ever have and could ever bear
My life as a receiver were of these borrowed tarnished moments
a fierce series of emotional hand me downs
which left me swimming through a gilded nile
the chanceglance afterbirth of your glowering promise