is the grass any bluer...

is the grass any bluer...
on the other side?

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Bluegrass Mystery Theatre: Revenge at the Reunion!

Melissa Wilkeson, Stephanie Peniston & BMT's founder, Dana Edison
Bluegrass Mystery Theatre 
you to....

Revenge At The Reunion 

by Paula Hilton. 

The "Forever Five" will be seeing each other for the first time since graduation and things are sure to be tense. Will they let "bygones be bygones" or will someone decide that to forgive and forget is for the birds and go instead for MURDER??

Guess the killer and you could win the evening's prize!

Starring Chris Rose, Dana Edison,  Melissa Rae Wilkeson,  Stacey Gillespie  and Stephanie Peniston


Sept. 29th- My Old Kentucky Dinner Train, Bardstown. Train leaves at 5pm. 

Tickets are $99.95 for adults, $59.95 for children and includes a 4 course meal, 2.5 hour train ride and show. 

Call (866)801-3463

Sept. 30th
- Parlay Social, Lexington. Show begins at 6pm. 

Tickets are $29.95 and includes a 3 course meal and show. 

To purchase tickets call (859)244-1932 or email at

Photos courtesy of Paul Atkinson, Rockledge Photography & Design

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