is the grass any bluer...

is the grass any bluer...
on the other side?

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Oh dear, Blogspot Has a New Interface. I Need an Intervention!

So I have been blogging here for several years now...approaching the big 70 - 70,000 hits, that is, and feeling as if I know just about everything there is to know about blogging.  Pfft.  I got bupkis.  (I know 70K doesn't seem like much, especially to people like my friend Joe Peacock, who gets that many hits in less than an hour, or Drew Curtis a/k/a FarkDaddy, whose site gets oodles of hits, and they're producing income for my buddies at fark...which is great!  I want to be just like them when my blog grows up! 

However, back to the changing of the way we perform social media communication -- all of a sudden, Blogger a/k/a Google has decided the old way of posting blogs isn't good enough, and are changing the interface, the way the design is laid out, and yuckity-uckity other items that have now changed from being semi-understandable and easy to see into tiny icons and non-interesting colors, it's very spartan and not conducive to creativity, I think.  We shall see, though, shan't we? 

However, of all the things in life that I have to learn to love, this one seems one of the more simple ones in which to do that.  I can only hope it will be easier to upload and place photos from hereon out. I can only hope also that it won't erase months of research and writing in one mistaken CTRL-Z -- it's an 'undo' -- but Blogger thinks it's a highlight-all-then-delete command.  Let's hope Blogger Buzz Googlespot is going to make my life as Mayor of Kimmyville a little bit happier.  I can only hope so, and promise not to raise taxes...that always works. :)

So welcome, new Interface. I will let you be my friend, but we will have to be on "mountain terms:" you don't mess with me; and I won't mess with you.  Mmkay?  Mmkay!  

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