is the grass any bluer...

is the grass any bluer...
on the other side?

Monday, January 9, 2012

Latitude's Making Us Think Again ... (yay :)

From our Friends at Latitude:

Happy New Year from Latitude Artist Community!We are delighted to be in our new space in the center of Lexington's Distillery Arts District. We are sharing a newly renovated building with our old friends Mecca Live Studio. Our space is still a work in progress as reflected in our first installation "Construction Zone."

News from LifeLab (Latitude's CLS program)
Participants in LifeLab contribute to our community in amazing ways...
An exhibit by Latitude artist Albert Moser opens at Institute 193 this Thursday
This unconference explores the range of human sexualities and abilities. We welcome all people and acknowledge that whatever your orientation and/or disability labels are, you are well within the range of human normality. Our focus will be on minority sexualities and gender identities within the context of services to persons who are considered by some to have disabilities. The creators of the unconference have a particular interest in the rights of people with intellectual and other developmental disabilities, as well as those who work to support them. We seek to create a welcoming community for all lesbian, gay, transgender, bisexual, assexual, queer, questioning, straight, and other people to discuss issues of concern.
I.D.eaWorks is a new Latitude initiative. In it we commission artists to create new works in whatever way(s) they desire and without oversight as we simultaneously fundraise with the particular artist in mind. Lexington artist Robert Beatty will be the first recipient.
And coming up.... on February 16th and 17th- Latitude's grand re opening gala called "Work In Progress" will include a free workshop and performance by Louisville based performance artist Lauren Argo. Much more on this to follow and thanks to all of you who helped us move.
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