is the grass any bluer...

is the grass any bluer...
on the other side?

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Holler Poet Kate Hadfield's Very Cool Idea for Warm Hearts!

This is such a thoughtful and kind gesture - I hope you'll listen to the words of Kate Hadfield, who is, among many other wonderful things, a favorite at Holler Poets Series and one of the sassy Sisters Provacateur.  Here's her idea - perfect for this Season of Giving --something you can do that does not require wrapping paper and a bow. 

If you do this, you'll have the merriest of Christmases, I guarantee it!  Listen...and glisten :)

"So, I've been doing a lot of thinking about the word community. I'm consistently referring to "my community" in coversations, and what I've thought is my community should not only be my artistic family, but strive to include everyone. In order to include everyone in a c...ommunity, we have to make them feel smaller even when they include hundreds and hundreds of people. It seems insurmountable, but I believe all we have to do is reach out."

"It's already getting too cold at night to want to be outside for any length of time, and as I've been driving around looking at Christmas lights and taking pictures, I've become hypersensitive to all the people I see walking the streets, all the people standing with signs asking for money or work. It takes a lot of energy to consciously avoid someone's gaze and pretend like you don't have money or don't have the time to talk or just flat out ignore them. It is so much easier to give."

"What I'm going to do, and what I'm asking you to do with me is this: create small care packages. Include things like sock toboggans, gloves, warm socks, granola bars, ponchos, hand warmers, fleece blankets, and travel pillows. You can purchase all of these things at the dollar store. Put five things in a bag, put only one thing in a bag, it doesn't matter. Just give. Fill your car up, or stuff one down in your purse or in your bike basket and the next time you see someone that is cold or asking for money, toss them one. You don't have to say anything. Just give someone the comfort of warmth. Having warm hands and warm feet is something we all take for granted, especially when we're going home to heated houses and cozy beds every night."

"Our whole country is eaten up with apathy and complacency. Take a step. It breaks my heart that we've turned into a nation that actively avoids other people's eyes on the street. Every single pair of gloves or socks you give out is going to help someone. Every granola bar you give is going to take the edge off a hunger pain. Even if you only give ONE pair of gloves, that's helping. That's effectively creating change."

"If you want to donate goods to making the care packages, but don't have the time to put them together, you can drop them off at my apartment and I will put the packages together and distribute them. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please e-mail me at, or you can always called me at 270.366.6352."

"Thanks, y'all :) Let's get busy!"


Oh, and to inspire you, here's a youtube clip of my co-worker
Carlie Taylor singing "Faith" -- oh my, it's incredible!


Thank you, Lord, for people like Kate Hadfield.

it's good to be Kimmy ;-)


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