is the grass any bluer...

is the grass any bluer...
on the other side?

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Chancel Choir - Handel's Messiah - December 4 at 11am (tune in AM1580 :)

I cannot describe in words the joy of presenting the works of classic composers.  It is as if we are saying prayers of ancient honored saints in music accompanied by angels.  

St. Augustine once said, "When we sing, we pray twice; once in words, and once in music."  I believe that with all my heart. To sing is to be happy.  It's just that simple.  There is a lot of work that goes into play, but it is a labor of love. 

So, every year in August, it is revealed unto us what our choral work will be for Christmastime.  It is the moment we await all summer, to learn which masterwork we will be performing.  
Tenor Tom Bragg
(he will be singing O Holy Night on
Christmas Eve)

We accordingly rehearse the piece each week under the meticulous direction of Michael Rintamaa, we hold sectional practice, go over every dotted quarter note (always lifted a bit) and as Advent draws near, we get more and more curious about how to pronounce, how to hold a note, the dynamics, every possible question is asked, we pencil in our notes, and prepare for the day we will perform. 
Michael Rintamaa and vocalist Amanda Balltrip

 We are accompanied by the best musicians in the area, and there is a wonderful gentleman in our church who supports the presentation, which he devotes to his beloved mother.  It is a very sweet gesture, and so we are mindful of his charitable spirit as we get ready to present our choral work.  This year's work will be selections from Handel's Messiah, perhaps the most famous choral work forever...and ever.  

So tonight I'm very excited, because tomorrow is the day of our presentation!  We have rehearsed, found our seats, know when to stand, when to sing -- and more importantly, perhaps, when not to sing -- and when to be loud or soft, loose or staccato-y, what emphasis to put on what syllable.  

My alto-ego, Betty Cecil and me

Tom Bragg and Manuel Castillo

Kate Covington on the Harpsichord

Anabelle Gatton-Wright and Sherri Phelps

We will gather early in the morning and go over the entire piece with our very baroque-like orchestra, and then we perform, and enjoy the fruits of our labors.  At this point, these notes are in our heads and need to be sung!  
Soloists Manuel Castillo and Sherri Phelps

The worship service is at 11am, Central Christian Church is on the corner of Martin-Luther King and Short Street with plenty of parking.  You can also listen in on the radio at 1580 AM.   Come hear our songs, witness the glory of Handel's Messiah, and find a little more meaning in the Holiday season. 

pray for peace,

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