is the grass any bluer...

is the grass any bluer...
on the other side?

Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Bats Welcome Kim Berryman!

cartoon Batgirl.jpgGuess what I found in my inbox this morning?  A message from the one, the only, fabulous BatGirl Missy Johnston:

Helloooo, Batfans!

Long time, no see!  Most of you know why we’ve been hiding out in the Bat cave for a bit.  But in case you forgot, here’s the reason: we’ve been breaking in our new Bat!  Please join us in welcoming the fabulous KIM BERRYMAN(pictured at left) to the band! (Susan Thomas left us this summer to pursue exciting career opportunities at FSU.  She’s now the first and only Bat Emeritus, soaking up that Florida sunshine and slowly becoming a Seminoles fan.  You go, Susan!) 

Kim is a Lexington native, and has been playing music since the tender age of seven.  You may have seen and heard her in several successful Lexington area bands like Kross, The Clique, The Rotels, No Parole, The Mighty Klique, the Deadnecks, and Boomerang.  Kim claims to have performed at numerous weddings and bar mitzvahs, all of which ended in divorce or worse.  But we’ll just have to take her word on that.  All we know is, she sings great, plays both guitar and piano, and picks up our “complicated” choreography in a heartbeat.

Like Marianne, Melanie, Harold, and Jim, Kim is a songwriter; she penned  Open Up Your Heart, the theme song for the Thursday’s Child segment on WLEX 18 for several years.  She was also a finalist in WKQQ’s songwriter contest!  Her Cross Your Fingers appeared on Double Q’s Homespun album.  Another original composition, “What’s the Attraction?”  was featured on WEBN’s Best of Cincinnati album. She also received an  honorable mention in the American Songwriter’s Festival!  We can’t wait to see what she comes up with for The Bats! 

Kim just turned 50, is the mother of three girls, works as a dietician at The HMR Program for Weight Management, plays racquetball & sand volleyball/bikes/runs/bales hay/Zumbas and looks it! 

She loves gardening, canning and cooking, and declares that she eats more fruits and veggies than most vegans do.  Best of all, she dyes her red so that she can tell her ever-expanding collection of blonde jokes. And she confesses to having more than one tattoo.  Does she sound like a Bat, or what? 

You can come and welcome Kim Berryman into the Bat family soon! Please join us on Saturday, August 20, when Kim makes her debut with the band at Natasha’s Bistro & Bar.

The show kicks off at 8:00, right after we’ve all had a good, stiff, jitter-calming drinkie-pooh backstage.  Make your reservations ASAP at 859-259-2754. 

You’ll need ‘em, because we think Kim is inviting about 500 people, including her role-model mom, who is a huge Bats fan from way back and a fine example, Kim says, of aging with grace and humor.  Yay!

Oh blah dee, oh blah da, life goes on, rah! 
La la la la life goes on.
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