is the grass any bluer...

is the grass any bluer...
on the other side?

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Actors Guild of Lexington Second Stage: BCTC Student-Directed One Acts

Join AGL and Bluegrass Community & Technical College's presentation of student-directed one-act plays!

Beginning Thursday, July 21 at 7:30 -- July 22 at 10:30pm.

The fun begins with a piece directed by Jared Sloan, one of the college's Director of Theatre and Film Tim X Davis' many proteges from his "BicTic" cast and crew.  

Davis has mentored many of the young up-and-comers we see on stage these days, standouts like Kevin Greer (Loot), Zack Hightower (A Few Good Men), Meredith Crutcher (Belle Brezing) and Jeremy Gillett (King Richard III) - the list goes on and on.  Scratch a good production going on in the area, and chances are the X has marked the spot for them. 

Jared Sloan & Tim X Davis co-directed
the premiere of the hilarious See Jane Quit

Enough about all that, here's the scoop on what you'll see at Actors Guild of Lexington (on Harrodsburg Road, right behind Ramseys, plenty of parking, cool digs and magic happenin' there weekly, it seems).
BCTC's Professor Tim X Davis and
Props Princess/Stage Superlambchop Natalie Cummins
( I love this Halloween pic of the two of em :)

BCTC's Emanuel Wright with SummerFest's Richard III,
Dmetrius Conley in a short play at last year's
Midway Short Play Festival, directed by Tim X Davis

Rosa Paulin and Kevin Greer in BicTic's MAWG

Zack Hightower and Leah Dick
Middle-Aged White Guys
Director- Jared Sloan
I Saw Your Picture in the Paper and I Had to Call: by Roger N. Cornish
Two young men share an apartment; Craig is successful in his career and socially adept with women, and Art is out of work, depressed and cynical. 

A desperate young woman, who has seen Craig's picture in the paper, arrives, and Craig offers her his usual brand of "therapy", not knowing that Art has purposely left a tape recorder running. 

(This play may include dialogue and/or subject matter that is too mature for cast and audience.)

Craig Ringlove: Casey Ryan Mather
Art: Burley Bent Thomas
Doris: Suraya Shalash

Kevin Greer and Jared Sloan in BCTC's
Middle-Aged White Guys

Director- Aly Miller
The Chocolate Affair by: Stephanie Alison Walker
One mother stands between her daughters ridicule at school, and her own selfish chocolate obsession, but what happens when the chocolate starts talking back?

Bev: Sarah Mansfield
M&M: Erica Solitaire Chappell
Goodbar: Jordan West

Director: Kevin T. Greer
Waiting by: Ethan Coen
A wicked and very funny short one act play from one of the Coen Brothers, “Waiting” is a play about the afterlife. Our hero will face the hassles and frustrations of every day office life, except that it will keep him tied up for thousands of years.

Nelson: William Stroupe
Receptionist: Abby Reeve
McMartin: Spencer Mcguire
Sebatachek: David Senatore
Polyphemus: Vince Harris

BicTic veterans who will be directing:
 Aly Miller and Jared Sloan seen
here in Rocky Horror Show rehearsal 

Showdates are July 21st-22nd 2011 ONLY!!

Ticket Prices:

$8.00 for Seniors/Students

$12.00 General Admission

Show starts at 8pm 


house will open at 7:30!

See you at the show!

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