is the grass any bluer...

is the grass any bluer...
on the other side?

Friday, June 24, 2011

Gatewood Has Bigger Fish to Fry

I walked downtown last night to be amongst the many folks who were at the Pavilion to enjoy the Johnson Brothers band, and the place was packed!  After a few attempts to make it from Cheapside to the old courthouse side and back again, I finally settled in at the outside bar on Short Street that Cheapside Bar & Grill has made available to those of us who enjoy a smoke and a scotch every now and then al fresco

Whilst sitting there, I met several very cool people, some were retired teachers, others were avid motorcyclists and accountant types -- and the very coolest thing that happened was that eventually, we talked politics.  Oh yeah, even cooler than that was the fact that nobody got into any arguments over politics...everyone agreed that no matter who they pay lipservice to, when they close the curtain in the voting booth behind them come this November, they're all voting for Gatewood Galbraith for Governor...and of course, Dea Riley for Lt. Governor. 

As my Republican friend Paula told me a few weeks ago, "I always vote for Gatewood!"  I think that's going to be true for many voters in this year's gubernatorial election.  I have the utmost respect for Governor Steve Beshear -- I worked for him years and years ago for a brief stint, and the man is unfailingly polite and gracious -- however, I do so love the independent spirit that Gatewood brings to the table every time he places himself on the ballot.  He and Dea Riley have been tireless in their support for those Kentuckians who are trying to outlaw mountaintop coal removal, a process that has removed and destroyed land the size of the state of Delaware and choked off over 800 streams. Mountaintop coal removal is the 'easy' way to get to coal; it's more profitable for the big coal companies to use that method because it's like fishing for those little plastic goldfish at the school carnival.  Every time you dip into the water, you simply scoop something out.  It's the same with coal and our gorgeous mountains.  The coal companies just shave the tops off, take the coal, ignore the regulations that require them to repair the earth they ruin, and most of the time, look the other way when OSHA dares to enforce the laws of worker safety. 

Don't get me wrong. I love coal.  My grandfather was a coal miner, and I have other relatives who have lived and died in the mines. I realize the importance of coal to our economy, however, nothing is worth the destruction of our precious natural resources.  Families who live down-stream from these points of terra-trauma suffer the consequences of the polluted coal water that eventually trickles down to their water systems. 

That is why I know we need leaders like Gatewood and Riley -- they have a CONSCIENCE and are not afraid to show it.  So imagine my delight to learn that Gatewood/Riley is having a fundraiser in my neighborhood this Sunday!  With bigger fish to fry, Gatewood and Riley are asking for your help so they can restore Kentucky to its former beauty and retain the precious hills and streams that make Appalachia such a wondrous place.

Below are the's at that lovely, quaint lil spot called the Green Lantern, it's this Sunday, and it's free admission, but please donate to the cause!  Besides, who DOESN'T love a good ol' fish fry? 


Sunday, June 26 · 4:00pm - 7:00pm


Green Lantern,
497 West Third Street
Lexington, KY (corner of Jefferson and Third)



For Gatewood/Riley 2011

Harry Sommerville and The Green Lantern invite you to c'mon on down for a fish fry benefitting Gatewood/Riley. Both candidates will be there and sure to provide some interesting discussion!

Music will be brought to you by The Other Brothers and Soap Box.

The event is free and open to ALL, however we do suggest making a donation to the campaign. We need your support to get this done.



peace, y'all,

Dea Riley is my hero! 

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