is the grass any bluer...

is the grass any bluer...
on the other side?

Monday, May 16, 2011

What The Hell Is Going On?

Bluegrass Mystery Theatre
I'm excited about a lot of upcoming events, but don't have time to write them up here in KimmyVille in the next few hours, so I'm going to go ahead and share a little bit with you before the lords of Insight take away my cable and internet.  I'll still have mobile access, but I really like writing with the big ol PC keyboard and screen.  Somehow things just are easier to process when I'm sitting at my desk, facing the west, and typing here in KimmyVille.  Sure, I can go to the library and post blogs on their efficient computers, but I'm going to miss visiting myself here.  

Writing is my baby, you see.  I consider every post a child, something precious that belongs to me and only me...until I share it with you.  Therefore, I'm careful what I post. Blogging regularly provides me with a diary-like activity that keeps me honest, not just with you, my dear lambchop, but with myself.  Sure, anybody can write a blog, but I dig down deep and try to find good stories about arts and activism, and then I blurt it all out here for your edification.  Sometimes I hear from you folks that you miss my posts, that you love them, and yes, even sometimes I hear that you hate them.  I don't know why, but some people don't like what I write.  That's their choice...but I truly don't enjoy knowing that anyone hates what I write.  I try to find the good in people and write about that, so what's not to love?  Meh. 

At any rate, I don't blog for haters.  I blog for lovers.  I blog for lovers of art and music.  I blog for those who want to know about those who devote so much time to putting theatrical and musical productions on the stage for everyone to see and hear.  It's not easy what these musicians and actors and artists do, after all. They commit. They learn. They show the hell up.  
Fantastical Theatricals' popular show

I say all that to say this.  I will be offline for a few days, maybe a few weeks.  I don't want to be offline, but I'm losing the battle with poverty and have to pay rent first, then I have to find food, etc. to sustain my existence.  I've learned not to drive all over town when I need something...gas is too high.  I know that I cannot afford to go out to eat, or drink or see shows.  I know that if I want to watch quality entertainment, I must go to free events like Thursday Night Live, or log on to and see which gem of the musical diamond mine is being showcased tonight.  I play my ukulele, listen to Rosemary Clooney CDs and go to choir rehearsal.  All free. All wonderfully fulfilling.  However, I love to write, and so I have to sadly give notice that my baby, my blog, will be neglected for the next little bit, and the timing couldn't be worse.  

Sully White and her Pride and Prejudice Cast and Crew
in rehearsal for last year's SummerFest
SummerFest is going to be here in less than 2 months, though.  Richard III, Frankenstein, and Rocky Horror are all on their way from making it from page to the arboretum stage.  Auditions have been held; costume designers are in place; Kentucky Conservatory Theatre is presenting The Impersonation of Being Earnest in just a few weeks...and thus, SummerFest is budding and preparing for its full summer bloom.  I'll be watching what happens and letting you know who and what it's all about.  I love that KCT continues to push the artistic envelope with refreshing ways of letting us know there is a tremendous resource for the actors of tomorrow right in our midst.  I don't know how they do it, but every year there is a new twist to the season, a fresh flavor, something to make us smile and shake our heads in wonderment.  So, yeah, SummerFest is on its way.  Find your blankets, gather your friends, and follow along as I discover the story behind the people who are the the force behind SummerFest, the best thing that ever happened to July in Lexington. 
Exile is re-formed and is on tour again

One more event to note is that this Friday, the 20th of May, Exile will appear in Renfro Valley. A new exhibit honoring Kentucky's home boys will be opening at the Kentucky Music Hall of Fame.  Hopefully this is a harbinger of their entry into the Hall of Fame, which I understand only inducts new members ever three years or so.  It is my hope that we will continue to see Exile's re-emergence as a musical force to be reckoned with in the future as well as in their storied past.

Also, Actors Guild of Lexington is opening Belle Brezing soon, with Laurie Genet-Preston leading the way.  Bluegrass Mystery Theatre and Fantastical Theatricals also are working on new murderous scripts for your dining pleasure.  I will keep you updated on those productions as well.
Laurie Genet-Preston, me and Jennifer Bellando at
BCTC's Much Ado About Nothing (which was
really SOMETHING to see) -
Laurie kicked royal theatrical ass
in this show, and returns as Belle Brezing
soon at AGL
Sister Provacateur and writer exemplar
Sonny Montgomery and me
with my first ukulele ;-)  

Oh, and the University of Kentucky Opera Theatre folks will be on stage at Singletary as Grand Night For Singing returns as well, with wonderful songs and choreography.  

So, please stay tuned. I will be back, but just want to be fair and let you know what's up ... and down.  
peace and love,

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