is the grass any bluer...

is the grass any bluer...
on the other side?

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

SummerFest To Announce Cast Selections by Sunday, May 1

Last year's musical, RENT brought
record crowds to the Arboretum
Kentucky Conservatory Theatre Presents: SummerFest

Lexington's summer outdoor theatre experience and training ground for tomorrow's actors.

Let's face it.  It's Spring, the flowers are blooming, the Derby is looming, and even though the storm clouds continue to hover over the Bluegrass, everyone and his brother are all making plans to watch the Royal Wedding on Friday.  After all, it's quite the spectacle, and besides, we all love a good diversion, no?  
last year's poster :)

Maybe it's just me, but I can't wait to see what happens beyond the wedding, beyond the Derby.  It's true.  I am giddily anticipating the days of tee-shirts and flip-flops, of  Thursday Night Live downtown, Farmers Market, fishing and playing in the sun -- all the carefree moments the summer brings.  I also am looking forward to witnessing the marvel of one of the hallmarks of the hazy days of the season here in Lexington, the festival of theatrical productions known as SummerFest.  If it's July and you're in the area, you must not miss this chance to be entertained by some of the area's best.

Auditions for SummerFest took place in the last few weeks, and plenty of  actors I know are waiting to see if their name is on the cast lists.  Martha Bernier Campbell, who is serving as Interim General Manager of SummerFest, tells me they had a great turnout and all auditions finished on Sunday -- casting will be done by Sunday, May 1.  

"Calls will be made as soon as casting is complete and cast lists will be posted on the website," says Campbell.  

However, if you are not an actor, take heart -- you can still participate in this fun production. "We're good with actors - we can ALWAYS use volunteers in a variety of ways - interested parties can contact me at"

Campbell believes this year's festival will offer a variety of reasons to make your way to the arboretum come July. "We think we have a very strong, thought-provoking season of Mayhem & Monsters:

  • You'll see a new take on Richard III - taking the setting to Brazil and featuring a diverse cast directed by veteran Sidney Shaw in his SummerFest debut!

  • Frankenstein - a new treatment by Lexington's own Bo List - based strongly on the book by Mary Shelly, and directed by Artistic Director Joe Ferrell  - "Audiences will be surprised!", says Ferrell. For example - "Did you know that much of Frankenstein takes place at the North Pole?"

  • The Rocky Horror Show promises a revitalized twist on the cult classic!  The team of Wes Nelson & Jenny Fitzpatrick as Director & Choreographer have surprises in store!


Kentucky Conservatory Theatre (formerly KCTC) is proud to present a “monstrous” season for SummerFest 2011

The season opener is William Shakespeare’s Richard III directed by Sidney Shaw, July 6-10.  The second production brings Artistic Director Joe Ferrell back to directing with the world premier production of Bo List’s new adaptation of Mary Wollstonecraft Shelly’s Frankenstein, July 13-17. The SummerFest closer is The Rocky Horror Show – July 20-24 directed by Wes Nelson with choreography by Jenny Fitzpatrick and music by The Johnson Brothers.  SummerFest promises to be bigger and better than ever!

Stay tuned here in KimmyVille for SummerFest updates, rehearsal photos and my observations as a novice theatre-goer.  Every year, the process of taking a play from page to stage fascinates me beyond belief.  With these three shows, and Kentucky Conservatory Theatre's production quality, I know it will be spectacular!
See you at the Arboretum!

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