is the grass any bluer...

is the grass any bluer...
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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Lafayette's Becca Peniston Happy to Be Witchy

During all this March Madness that's going on, Lafayette student Becca is readying herself for her role in MacBeth, A Kid's Cautionary Tale, while her Mom is working on her Irish accent for Bluegrass Mystery Theatre’s Top O’ The Murder To You.  

This busy mom and daughter duo are crazy busy with various projects, but for them, this sort of busy-ness is normal...and they wouldn't have it any other way.

Becca Peniston is the teenager we would all love to have our kids hang around with.  She is personable, ambitious, sweet, and articulate – all the things you would want to see in a youngster. She's also a great conversationalist, and we've had several meaningful discussions over the past year about various productions and events in the theatrical community, with a dollop of girl talk thrown in for good measure.  So I wanted to find out more about what Becca’s been up to lately -- we last got to gab at SummerFest when Mom Stephanie had a part Pride and Prejudice, so we have lots to catch up on -- and accordingly, I asked her about the Lafayette production that opens this week. 

Becca tells me her role is Witch #2. “She is very sneaky and sly. She's also kind of funny is some parts. But mostly, she's very sneaky and tries to destroy Macbeth's life. Witch #2, and her "sisters" like to mess with Macbeth. They also like to throw gooey, crazy, gross, body parts from animals and humans into their cauldrons.”

She points out that she wanted to audition for this 
MacBeth, A Kid's Cautionary Tale because her mentor and drama teacher Paul Thomas does a play every year with the 7th and 8th graders. “So, he decided that he was going to do Macbeth for this show. It didn't really matter to me which character I was. I am glad though that he picked me for a Witch. I like it a lot!”

My favorite line from the show is: ‘By the pricking of my thumbs, something wicked this way comes.’  This is my line, but I like it a lot!! This is my favorite because I get to move my thumbs in a weird way!”

Previously, Becca performed It's a Wonderful Life and A Christmas Story with Studio Players and has also done some workshops at LCT (Lexington Children's Theater). “Then, I have done shows with SCAPA. I have also done workshops with Broadway Bound. With SCAPA, I got to tech for the high school show…but most recently, I was in Aladdin Jr. with SCAPA. I don't really know what I am going to do next. I might do 13 with Broadway Bound this summer; but if I don't get in, I may want to tech. However, right now, I'm just glad that I get a chance to do Macbeth!”

Secret talent?  
Becca laughs, "I'm not quite sure... I would probably have to say that it's that I can make my tip of my tongue touch the tip of my nose!"  :)

Macbeth - A Kid's Cautionary Tale

Director- Mr. Paul Thomas

Show Dates - March 24 at 7:00 pm; 
March 25- 8:00 pm; March 26- 2:00 pm; March 26- 8:00 pm

Cost of Admission- Adults: $12 Students: $10

Cast List- 
Meredith (Narrator): Meredith Peterson
Jarod (Narrator): Jarod Frank
Jazz (Narrator): Jazz Cole
Callie (Narrator): Callie Babcock
Scott (Narrator): Scott DiMeo
Shelby (Narrator): Shelby Nance
Macbeth: Wolfe Casals
Banquo/Murderer 2: Ja’Co Johnson
Witch 1: Anna Marie Miller
Witch 2: Becca Peniston
Witch 3: Cari Bingham
Lady Macbeth: Erin Disponett
Ross/Gentlewoman/Messenger/Apparition 3/Thug: Clark Davis
Donalbain/Apparition 1/Thug/Lady Macduff: Sophia Sawaya
Malcolm: Isaac Hines-Williams
Macduff: Brandon Critchfield
Duncan/Murderer 1/Doctor: Troy Walton
Apparition 2: Darian May

About the Show- This show has narrators that tell the audience what the Shakespearean actors are saying. They will add in comments occasionally so that the audience won't get confused. There is also a lot of comedy that has been added in to make everyone interested. This show is kid friendly. Also, it has some surprising things! :)

I caught up with Becca's drama mama Stephanie to ask about her newest role, and she confirmed, "Yes, I'm doing Top of the Murder To You  this Friday and Saturday (tonight) with Bluegras Mystery Theatre.  

This is my very first dinner theater ... ever. After all this time of having English accents pounded into my head, I will now be using an over-the-top Irish accent. Think Lucky Charms dude meets Kathleen Turner -- and some days -- like the past few rainy ones -- it's a little more like Barry White!!! Baaahhaaaa!!! 

I play Maureen McFaddy, wife to Professor Paddy McFaddy (Jeff Roberts), who is on a lecture tour discussing Irish history. On this tour with him is his assistant, Patches McButterpants (Schann Mobely), a journalist writing a series of articles about the tour, Angus O'Coolisman (Mike Van Zant), and an history museum curator Sadie Fitzangus (Dana Edison). 

I arrive because I suspect that my husband is having an affair with McButterpants ... who is eventually killed. But who done it????? HEE!!

We were at Equus Run Friday night, then on the Kentucky Dinner Train out of Bardstown on Saturday. Looking forward to it!"

The lovely and talented Allie Darden has had the pleasure to work with both Becca and Stephanie. I did "Crimes of The Heart" with Stephanie in 2003, and we had an absolute ball in that show. She took her role very seriously, and was always very well prepared. This is the show that I first met her daughter Becca. She would come to rehearsals sometimes and since then I've watched her grow and flourish and turn into a lovely young lady. 

I also got to share the stage with Becca in 2005 during Studio Player's production of "A Christmas Story". Becca was so well behaved, and really paid attention and listened to direction. She did a great job in the play and improved with each performance! I look forward to seeing more of Becca onstage!"

I hope you will all have the chance to see MacBeth - A Kid's Cautionary Tale - at Lafayette this week.  If not, be on the lookout for Becca on local stages, she's a real dynamo, plus she's just a delight to be around -- I'm so very blessed she calls me her friend.
see you at the show,


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