is the grass any bluer...

is the grass any bluer...
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Friday, February 18, 2011

Honk if You Love MMMBeezus

Every time I meet someone fabulous in my ventures into the local world of arts and activism, it doesn't take long to figure out that they either are part of Lexington's March Madness Marching Band, or they are closely affiliated with this unique merry band of happy music makers.  Just to name a few, the band includes my friends Heather Auman, Leif Erickson Rigney, Tanzi Merritt, Jennifer Miller, Natalie Rae Lile, Lori Houlihan, and yes, even Mr. Toastey on twitter, Mick Jeffries -- they are all MMMB-ers and if you talk to them for just a short while, their enthusiasm for their group is nothing short of being delightfully contagious.  

In fact, if I know MMMB is performing, I will make my way downtown or to the Arboretum, or wherever I have to go just to see what they're up to, no matter if it's sweltering heat or raining pomeranians and poodles, I will get myself to see them...they just have that sort of appeal, the kind that makes you want to shrug off the blahs and get happy...and since I love every single one of them, I am always eager to see what they're planning to do next.  

So why am I yammering on about them now?  Well, the recent news is that MMMB has been invited to perform at the Honk! TX festival of community street bands in Austin, Texas, March 11 through 13th.

Lambchop Lori Houlihan and Kimmy
They need your help to pull it off, though, nearly $6,000 just for the charter bus, a place to stay in Austin, food, all the variables needed to take this band of 50 of the coolest people you will ever want to meet -- all volunteers - to Texas and back.  

According to band leader Lori Houlihan, MMMB will perform at 8:45, 10:45 and 11:45 tomorrow night at the big fundraiser Honk! Honk! at Buster's Billiards & Backroom, along with a host of other members of our lovely artistic community (see details below).  

"Help the band that loves Lexington share that love with our community band brethren from across the country -- and come back with more love for Lex!"

MMMB members Natalie and Tanzi and
Donna Ison and me at Donna's birthday party last year

So how can you help?  Go see them at Buster's tomorrow night!  For just $15, you can purchase tickets online, at CD Central or at the Morris Book Shop on Southland Drive.  

Oh Oh OH!  You can also give to their effort simply by going online here: -- in case you can't make it out to Buster's.  

Here's more information on this event that is sure to make you smile:

gton's March Madness Marching Band ( is thrilled to have been invited to perform in the Honk! TX festival of community street bands (, in Austin, March 11-13, 2011.

MMMB will host a memorable "Road to Honk!" event to raise money for our charter bus (nearly $6,000!) and for other band expenses. 

Doors open at 8:00pm, and the event is limited to people aged 18 years and older.

Jennifer Miller and me - Jennifer "plays the camera" in
March Madness Marching Band

We hope that you will join us for an evening of extraordinary entertainment by MMMB and friends, including such performers as:

*Rebel without a Cause*


*Prefab Rehab*

*Gail Wynters*


*Rakadu Gypsy Dance*

*Sabi Diri*

*Chip Chop*

*Amalgamation Fire Nation*

*Holler Poets*

All of this for $15!

(buy tickets at CD Central, 377 S. Limestone, at the Morris book shop, 408 Southland Dr., or online at

But wait, there's more!

*Mick Jeffries Honkin' Photo Booth*

*Silent Auction*

*MMMB merchandise*

*Pure Blue Vodka and Devil John Moonshine drinks for only $2*

MMMB is grateful to the generous sponsors who have made possible this event -- and 

their trip to Texas:

* Buster's Billiards & Backroom

* Downtown Lexington Corporation

* Barrel House Distillery

* Smiley Pete Publishing

* CD Central

* the Morris book shop

* and our hosts at Honk! TX

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