is the grass any bluer...

is the grass any bluer...
on the other side?

Saturday, January 1, 2011

One One One-One

On this date that contains so many Ones: 1.1.11, the first new day of the new year, I only have One resolution, and that is to go and see and do more of the things that make me happy - and for the stuff that belongs in some other category, well, I'm just not gonna do them.  

Tom Bragg - always so serious!  I worry...
Now, that's a tall order, is it not?  Sounds easy, but it's tough to let go of some of our burdens. It's wrangling with a lasso that is sometimes wrapped so tightly around our hearts, that we feel that unraveling it and loosening it is impossible...but it is possible.  It is possible to simply let go and let the sun shine in - but I cannot do it alone, and I know that. I have to lean on my Faith, and by doing that, hopefully I will allow myself more happiness in 2011.  

I've been kinda quiet here the past few weeks for several reasons, but mainly because I've gone through a hurtful time and quite simply, I don't want those who take the time to take a scroll through Kimmyville to be weighed down with sad thoughts.  
Manny and Dmetrius in The Test at Midway Festival of Plays

I lost a good soul who was my constant companion during a brief, intense period of time over the Holidays, my little kitten who I once described as a conman in a black fur trenchcoat.  He was fierce, he roared, he climbed and clawed and conquered my heart, and I miss the little guy, but I do find comfort knowing that he knew the joy of being adopted into a loving home.  

Busy Natalie is props princess for Dead Man's Cell Phone,
an AGL production that opens January 13th - glad she could
make it to my lambchop birthday bash :)  

A week has gone by since Christmas morning when Rafe decided to attend Jesus' birthday party in person, in Heaven.  

During these days of mourning his passing, I have cried, I've played his favorite songs, found new homes for his toys and although I don't think I can ever allow myself to get so close to another living being, I know that there is a purpose in what happened. I can't know exactly what it is just yet, though, it's just one of those mysteries that only God can see...but I shall keep searching, lambchops.

Speaking of lambchops, I had a great birthday on December 30th, a bash at the local cantina known as the Blue Agave, where the margaritas were flowing like mother's milk and my sweet friends showed up to raise a glass and give me gifts on my birthday which falls on a rather oblique day in the holiday calendar, the day before New Years, when everyone is making last minute plans and resolutions and saying goodbye to guests from out of town, stuff like that...and so I'll admit, even though I did not expect gifts, it's nice to receive thoughtful presents, especially when they're musical and/or they smell and taste good.  I'll leave it at that. Suffice it to say, I got all a ladybug could ever ask for, and more!  So some thank-yous are in order, wouldn't ya say? So here goes:

Sunny, Manny and Demetrius - all smiles at the Blue Agave :)

My biggest thanks to my favorite tenor and makeup artist, Tom Bragg, and although I never really liked it in the beginning, he turned that whole being called a "cougar' into a phenomenon for me and for which I am truly grateful, and also to our mutual friend, Paula Schrecker, with whom I have shared many years of friendship and lollyLaughter.  She gets the joke...and she's always there when I need someone to understand what the hell I'm squawking about.  

Paula Schrecker and I spent a day -- and a fortune --
at the World Equestrian Games and all we had was
a hawt dawg and a few beers...but a lot of fun

Also, to Sisters Extraordinare, Donna Ison, Sunny Montgomery and Renee Rigdon - well, y'all are just so lovely and fun, thanks for showing up and letting me bum cigarettes off ya.  
Lambchops Provacateur Renee Rigdon and
Donna Ison, whose new engagement ring lit up the place ;-) 

My buddy Ali and her good friend Steve were also there - they have rescued me from my own bad self this year in so many ways, there are simply not enough letters in the alphabet nor room on blogspot for me to express my appreciation for their support and encouragement.   

Sandy Davis, Woodford Humane Society's former PR gal who is now raising funds for WUKY, was another who showed up all smiles and gorgeous as always with a fabulous gift for lil ol' me ... love love love ya, Sandy, and thanks again!

Dmetrius.  What can I say about Dmetrius Conley-williams?  Well, he's talented, he's studied theatre under David Harvard, for gosh' sakes, and he's one of the most gifted actors in our community.  Dmetrius and his Midway Festival of Plays co-star Manny Wright were also part of the Lambchop Circle of Love at Blue Agave the other night and as always, he was uber-supportive and Manny was there to put the exclamation point on that conversation.  Since my lil blog has taken a bit of bullying lately, Manny absolutely tells me that what I write here DOES matter, and that there IS a good purpose and resulting benefit from my effort...he was pretty emphatic and convincing about it, too.   (I just love that kid -- he is another BCTC product that will forever live on in my memory under his various roles under the Tim X Davis stamp of directorial wonderfulness.)  

Oh, and I also have to thank Natalie Cummins for dropping by...I just love Natalie...she is who I want to be when I grow up.  I first met Natalie when we were reading the newspaper on the Radio Eye broadcasts. Natalie has such a fabulous voice, and she's just doggone cool.  I was super happy to see her smiling face on my special day. 

I would not be able to survive without my sisters Karen and Kelli
 and nieces Jessica and Susannah.  They show up,
they give me home-made cards, and they
sing to my soul. I love ya, girls!  

Finally, to wrap up this long harangue about my birthday and marvelous it was, I have to mention that my sister Kelli and her soul mate Kenny were there to give me birthday hugs, too - and since they are moving into the same building Dmetrius lives in, it was special to see how quickly they bonded.  

I so very much enjoyed the mix and mingling of my besties, and to have everyone gather at my one of my favorite watering holes was just extraordinarily wonderful.  

Love was in the air, and so was the smell of tequila :)  

One. One. One-One.  

I am going to always remember this birthday, this Holiday season, and the joy I felt as it progressed.  I will also carry in my heart the love for my polydactyl furry friend who is now in Catnip Heaven and I know that he's with the great I Yam, the One sweet potato who makes us One.  

Thanks for reading all of this - and thanks for stopping in to visit me here in Kimmyville.   I hope your year is filled with One-ness ;-)

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