is the grass any bluer...

is the grass any bluer...
on the other side?

Sunday, January 30, 2011


No matter what else happens during the week, I can always count on Sunday. Sunday presents its own comfort simply in the structure of the day.  I know there will be worship. I know my choir will sing. I know that once again, I will be reminded that Someone thinks I'm precious.  I will know again the feeling of being a redeemed and forgiven child of God, and I will leave worship with a renewed spirit, optimistic that no matter what the week ahead may bring, I can return to the Sanctuary next week and find solace.  

So, what's the catch, you may ask?  The catch is that throughout the week, I have to remember that no matter how uncertain my life's path is, if I continue to have faith, Belief will find me even though I have Doubt.  Strength will be mine even when I am weak...and if I have a willing heart, God will help me when I struggle with forgiveness.  If I let the Light shine in my heart, perhaps my burdens will be lighter, and I might make someone else's life a little more bearable.  

However, all this light-sharing and heart-willingness can be elusive...and some Sundays, the joy comes more readily than others.  The test is to find grace even when I'm going through times of sadness, betrayal, rejection, struggle -- the valleys of life -- because I can recite "yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil" all I want, but in the heat of life's daily battles, I do fear evil...I do fear death...even though I know I ought not.  Indeed, when things are going well, that sense of happiness comes quite readily, but as a television preacher once said, "it's easy to go on a fast just after you've had chicken and dumplings."  

So yes, some Sundays, some days, I do struggle, but I persevere with the belief that someday, I will have a morning without tears, I will have a night without worry, I will know the comfort of a loving hand or kind word...and Someday, my lambchops, is better than no day at all.  
I love this pic - it's not just for Christmas, it's for Life :) 

I'm rambling, and if you're still reading this, thank you. I have not been able to put into words exactly how I feel today, so I just decided to start typing and let it out.  I guess what I want to say is that I am frightfully worried for a friend whose health is failing, I miss my family, and I continue to look for a meaningful way to make a living without compromising my dignity.  Yes, I have issues, but I will push forward through this week and try to embrace the Good that always seems to make its way to me.  The other choice is to let worry and fear consume me; and I need to take back the wheel and start driving my own destiny...or try to do so, at least.  That is my prayer today for myself, and for you.

Speaking of prayers, here is one we shared today in worship, I hope you find meaning in it:

God of the faithful in every time,
today you have called us into your church
to be one body in Jesus Christ.
You have bestowed upon us the gifts we need for your service,.
Grant that we may willingly take our part;
that we may support one another;
and that we may seek the greatest gift, which is love.
Knead us together into one loaf
with all your people throughout the world,
through your Spirit of unity.

and here are the words to Blest Are They, by David Haas,
it is one of the anthems our Chancel Choir sang today:
Blest are they, the poor in spirit, theirs is the kingdom of God.
Blest are they, full of sorrow, they shall be consoled.
Rejoice! And be glad!  Blessed are you, holy are you.
Rejoice!  And be glad!  Yours is the kingdom of God!
Blest are they, the lowly ones, they shall inherit the earth.
Blest are they who hunger and thirst, they shall have their fill.
Blest are they who show mercy, mercy shall be theirs.
Blest are they, the pure of heart, they shall see God!
Blest are they who seek peace they are the children of God.
Blest are they who suffer in faith, the glory of God is theirs.
Blest are you who suffer hate, all because of me. 
Rejoice and be glad, yours is the kingdom; shine for all to see.

pray for peace, y'all,

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