is the grass any bluer...

is the grass any bluer...
on the other side?

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Twas the Uke Before Christmas...

"But then there's a moment like tonight, a profound and transcendent experience, the feeling as if a door has opened, and it's all because of that instrument, that incredible, magical instrument." -Diane Frolov and Andrew Schneider, Northern Exposure, Mite Makes Right, 1994
I had such a lovely Sunday - my choir sang gloriously, the message of the day was all about Genesis 1.  What were God's first words?  That's easy, they were "Let There Be Light."   

Dr. Moody went into that topic with his typical introspective dissection and talked about how we can practice our faith by taking our light out into the world, and that how it's not important what we believe -- what is important is what we do with what we believe.  So, just how do we put our faith into action?  

My thought is that means just plain old being kind to my fellow human beings.  Sometimes there are people right in front of us who could use a little kindness, and it doesn't necessarily take a 'religious' person (and it's the same thing to be 'spiritual' as it is 'religious' - it's a semantics game I won't play) to do so.  There are a lot of people who fall into the category of being kind to someone when they know that person needs a smile, a bit of hospitality, an understanding ear, or a cup of coffee, a drink, a smoke...a song...

I can think of four nice fellows, all guys I just adore, who are not necessarily seen as religious, or spiritual -- but every one of those sweetie pies have at one time or another come through for me when times were weary for me by either calling, texting, or yes, even tweeting.  I also have scores of gal pals who are the same way, too -- although it does seem easier for women to admit they love God or admit that they follow the ways of Jesus of Nazareth --  and I could never completely list all my girls who keep up with me one way or another, make me Vichysoisse when I'm sick, or ride with me to White Castle when I'm not (those are my two sisters' specialties, by the by :).  

The Lovely Ladies of The Light I know always make sure to include me in on their holiday plans or make sure the extra free ticket they have to something cool goes to me, or pass on the uber-slick black velvet jacket or perfect sun-dress just when I need it, and for them, for all of my friends, I am eternally grateful.  I'm particularly thankful that I see God every day in everyone of those friends with whom I walk, talk and laugh and sing and love.  Some serve by teaching, some serve by serving, and some serve by just being poets at heart, and I'm the lucky one who gets to reap the benefits of their friendships.

So here I am yammering on again and not getting to the point, but back to taking the Light out into the world, I sometimes am afforded the opportunity to bring a little joy into other's lives, and today was the perfect day to do just that. 

My friend, Ali, is someone I met as a downtown neighbor but now she's moved out 'beyond the Circle,' and I don't get to see her very often...but today, we'd planned that I would come to see her, and so I did, but I didn't tell her I planned to bring her my first uke, Scarlet Blue Uke,  to loan to her until she gets the ukulele of her holiday dreams this year for Christmas.  Once we settled in, she picked it up, soon thereafter learned Somewhere Over the Rainbow, the opening chords to Something, and a few other great songs.   The afternoon was delightful, and just being able to walk her through several pretty incredible musical break-throughs was nothing but pure joy to witness.




It's all the same, isn't it?

I hope your Sunday has been as glorious as mine - I bet it was, Sundays are good for being glorious -- oh, and I hope if you have never picked up a ukulele, you may consider buying one for yourself, or for a loved one for Christmas.  It's fun, it's easy to play, and it sets a nice tone for the loveliest of afternoons with a good friend.

peace, y'all,

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