is the grass any bluer...

is the grass any bluer...
on the other side?

Monday, November 8, 2010

Have Yourself A Merry Little Murder at Bakers 360 -- just in time for the Holidays ;-)

Bluegrass Mystery Theatre founder, Dana Edison is making a list, checking it twice ... for clues to Have Yourself A Merry Little Murder, written by skirt! magazine Editor and popular Kentucky writer, Donna Ison.  The work will be performed high atop the city at Bakers 360 in early December.

Edison is excited about every aspect of the presentation and tells me, "This play is going to be so much fun, and it was written by Donna Ison, so you know it's going to be fabulously funny!"  

Set in modern day, the synopsis is as follows:

"Times are tough all over, even at the North Pole. When Santa calls in an efficiency expert to cut expenses the elves are desperate to defend their jobs at any cost. See what happens when Santa's little helpers choose to help themselves and someone winds up dead in Have Yourself A Merry Little Murder, a hysterical holiday comedy."

Edison is pleased to bring her murderous theater troupe back to a familiar location. "I am so excited to be performing again at Bakers 360 on Dec. 9th and in addition to that public performance, we have 7 more private shows! All of these performances take place between December 1st and December 17th -- this cast has got their work cut out for them!"
Renee Rigdon and playwright Donna Ison

This cast is phenomenal, too.  Abby Sheridan/Hannah Prichard play Santana Snow, the young sexy elf who is in charge of the Diva Doll collection, Michele Faught plays Merry Belle, an elf who still believes in 50s housewife values and is determined to keep it 'Old School' and bring back classic toys, Tanner Gray plays Jackson Frost a 20ish electronic whiz kid whose specialty is video games and gadgets, Jeff Roberts/James Hamblin plays Kris Clauson, a middle-aged elf who mans the 'trains, planes and weapons' workshop and who is also leader of the Elf Union, and Dana L. Edison who plays Ginger Goodrich an ex-employee of Santa's, who was let go mysteriously, but who has been hired back to make cuts in the elf work force.

Kimmy and Dana Edison 
For tickets, please call 859.494.2877 or visit -- and stay tuned here for updates on this fantastic show!

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