is the grass any bluer...

is the grass any bluer...
on the other side?

Sunday, October 31, 2010


I'm really, really looking forward to Thanksgiving.  

I've had my tricks, I've had my treats, now it's time to prepare my heart for giving and forgiving.

It's time to permit patience to persevere, make room in my soul to give thanks and let my family surround me with their love.

It was a crazy time last night downtown Lexington at the Thriller re-enactment and all that followed, however.  I love seeing people who aren't used to seeing me in a different incarnation than they usually do - and vice versa.

For all of you who are still children at heart and enjoy Halloween, I hope it's been smashingly wonderful.  For those who, like me, are ready to put away the masks and start preparing our hearts and minds for the holidays to come, here are the words to one of my favorite anthems:

Who at my door is standing,
there patiently drawing near,
whose entrance is demanding?
Whose is the Voice I hear?

Sweetly the tones are falling;
“Open the door for Me!
If thou wilt heed My calling,
I will abide with thee.”

Lonely without He’s staying;
Lonely within am I;
While I am still delaying,
Will He not pass me by?

All through the dark hours dreary,
Knocking again is He;
Jesus, art Thou not weary,
Waiting so long for me?

Door of my heart, I hasten!
Thee will I open wide.
Though He rebuke and chasten,
He shall with me abide.

And here's a prayer used today in worship:

Your eye, O God, watches over the world.
We are seen for what we are; all of us weak, all of us strong.
Through your eye, may we see the nameless;
with your voice, may we call the lost;
with your hand, may we uphold the injured;
with your heart may we strengthen the weak.
May the world turn and behold you and live in witness to you our God.

pray for peace,

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