is the grass any bluer...

is the grass any bluer...
on the other side?

Sunday, September 12, 2010

I have a huge week before me, one play to see, one to shadow, two concerts and three CDs to preview...and a book to read and cover.  Apart from all that, I have to continue to try and find a job and a way to pay for my expenses.

I have the rent covered, the cable and phone bills are paid, but I cannot possibly afford the medication I've been prescribed, and so I find myself choosing between that which is absolutely necessary for me to live and the pharmaceuticals that will help me live a more normal life, i.e., a life without the persistent pain and weakness that is so debilitating.  

Call me crazy, but I can't live a normal life if I am in constant agony.  I'm forced to circumvent the activities that in the past would have kept my quality of life on an even keel...I have to pretend that I feel okay, though, and be thankful that I can afford a bottle of Tylenol from the Dollar Tree.

However, I am not having a pity party tonight. I am, after all, grateful to have a roof over my head and a safe place to sleep, food on the table, and the benefits to which I am entitled for having worked for decades, sometimes two jobs at a time, to survive.  Yes, I am thankful...I just wish people who judge those of us who are living in poverty would realize how hard we work to be as broke as we are. 

pray for peace,

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