is the grass any bluer...

is the grass any bluer...
on the other side?

Monday, September 27, 2010

Fantastical Theatricals: Polter-heist!


An Audience-Participation Murder Mystery-Comedy awaits you as Fantastical Theatricals invites you to join them at Sutton’s Restaurant October 7 for this hauntingly humorous spoof!

The show will run from October 7 through 14 and you can order your ticket by clicking on the links below.

From Fantastical Theatrical DramaMama Kathy Hobbs:

Polter- Heist is shaping up to be a very funny show, and I have my marvelous cast to thank for that:

Kathy Jones, playing 'Janet from Another Planet' was one of the original Fantastical Theatricals players, appearing in 'Bitter Bourbon Blues' on September 16, 2005 at the Kentucky Railway Museum in New Haven Kentucky, and has always been one of our biggest and best supporters.

Michael Van Zant, playing 'Professor Lionel Specter' appeared in his first show soon after and over the years has played a spoiled brat Bourbon heir, a five year old kid, a dashing Baron, a bumbling sheriff, and a pile of coats. He was really impressive as that last one.

Jeff Roberts, playing 'Fox Smolder' joined us for the first time, in Murder With a View, FT's own production (which is slated for a reprise in November) in 2006. He's performed several roles for us since then and often says we're one of his very favorite groups to work with.

Michele Breeze was our newbie last show, 'The Malted Falcon' when she played Velma Vamvooski and now she's onstage with us again as Madam Zelda Von Schpookum. I think she's having a blast.

The two newest cast members? Greg Waltermire, and his daughter, Courtney! Greg is playing 'Jim Lodge' and Courtney is playing 'Dana Skullery' Greg is really showing a talent for physical comedy and Courtney has her hands full playing off Jeff, but she's keeping him in line.

by Tony Schwartz & Marylou Ambrose

This is a show where everyone is trying to heist something--including stealing a ghost.

Join Madame Zelda Von Schpookum, president of the Boogeyman Outreach Organization (BOO), and a host of whacky characters as they attempt to make contact with the Olivia DaSpirito, the murdered ghost haunting Mouldering Pines Inn.

See Professor Lionel Specter become possessed by the spirit!

Will the bickering innkeepers, Jim and Phyllis Lodge, kill each other before finding the lost treasure? Will the FBI agents, Smolder and Skullery from the Hex Files division, solve the mystery of this haunted inn before another murder is committed?

We’ll seat you at 7pm and give you a chance to choose and order your meal from Sutton’s delicious menu, and then at 8pm we start the show!

We’ll take at least one break during the play to allow for more service before we ask you to help us find the murderer!

Regular ticket price- $15.00 plus menu ordering.

For October 7 tickets-

For October 14 tickets-

We have limited seating available for this show, ADVANCE TICKET PURCHASE REQUIRED.

Regrettably, due to limited seating ticket sales are non-refundable.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

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