is the grass any bluer...

is the grass any bluer...
on the other side?

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Donna Ison, New Editor of Skirt! Is Ready for Ladies Day at WEG (and oh, so much more :)

Donna Ison, author of Myrtle: Saint Gone Wild, amongst other lively works, is popular in just about any circle in Lexington, but the newest feather in her cap is that of Editor of the marvelous Lexington skirt! magazine.

skirt! is
the gorgeous, colorful and snazzy monthly you will see everywhere in the big green stands. For free!

"skirt! is all about women, their work, play, families, creativity, style, health and wealth, bodies and souls. skirt! is an attitude...spirited, independent, outspoken, serious, playful and irreverent, sometimes controversial, always passionate."

All of those words can be used to describe its new Editor as well. Like skirt! Donna is always able to get her point across without clubbing you over the head with it, classy enough to pull of her own unique look (like cowboy boots and the basic black dress all at the same time), and as smart and sassy as they come.

Donna's participation in local literary events like Holler Poets Series and the Alltech Poetry Slam (and oh, so much more) is always certain to raise eyebrows, awaken your inner, mischievous child, and cause many a knee to be slapped.

Ison is a knockout, not only on the outside, but her beauty from within turns heads and hearts wherever she goes. One of her newest ventures is being the founder of Sisters Provacateur, a group of ladies who defy all the cliche and conventional rules that are often ascribed to women. They eschew the theory that you have to be a petite fleur to be pretty, and they promote the outrageous thought t
hat it's not only okay to be gorgeous without being gaunt, but natural beauty in all its feminine forms is something to both celebrate and embrace.

Ison tells me their
next show is called Nightmares in Negligee. In case you're still wondering just what the Sisters are all about, and where their next riotous outburst of laughter might occur, here you go, in Ison's own words:

The always entertaining and occasionally offensive Sisters Provocateur bring you “Nightmares in Negligee.” Dare to take a terrifying and titillating tour through the psyches of five real
women as they delve into their deepest fears. Warning: this evening of poetry, games, dance, and theatre will hold both tricks and treats for all involved. 8:30pm on Thursday, October 21 at Natasha’s Bistro and Bar. Make reservations now at or by calling (859) 259-2754.

They may also be performing their first show, Panty Raid again at The Bar on November 6, but that i
s not yet confirmed.


Also, tomorrow is Alltech Ladies Day at the Games, and it is a joint event between skirt! and Alltech (planned before Ison came on board), but "the basic gist is that people will dress to nines...Derby style...and secret judges will walk around and pick out the 'Best Dressed' and then give away gift certificates to the winners," Ison explains.

So tomorrow, get your girlie look on and get to the games to see who wins. (Hint: everybody wins at the World Equestrian Games, it's just a good time and so much fun to see how the folks that follow the horse world are embracing the Bluegrass :)

For more information on skirt! - you can cli
ck on this linky-link:

I know skir
t! will be even more compelling and inviting now that Donna Ison is at the helm. and all the readers of Lexington and Central Kentucky will enjoy the benefits of this newspaper that is lovely enough to save and use its pages for wrapping paper -- and that's just what one reader said she does! Look for the October issue on stands now (and check out page 14 for a lil shout out to Kimmyville :)

peace, y'all,

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