is the grass any bluer...

is the grass any bluer...
on the other side?

Monday, August 30, 2010

September Song

I am a fan of September.  September means back to school, football games, marching band, cool nights, leaves turning brilliant colors -- all as if to say "welcome Fall, come right on in!"

I'll be watching plays written by some of my favorite lambchops this September, like Murder on the Rocks by Donna Ison, and The Jungle Fun Room by Brian Hampton. Another exciting show Fantastical Theatricals Sam Club and the Case of the Malted Falcon at Natasha's.

Fantastical Theatrical's Kathy Hobbs
Also on the menu are the short plays that will be featured in the Midway Festival of Plays coming up in late October, but the panel of judges are whittling down the final list and it's fun following that process.  I had the privilege of watching half of the plays performed last Wednesday at Actors Guild of Lexington.  As Singleton lead the readings, I watched performances by cool people like Kathy Jones, whose portrayal in one of the plays reminded me of Julie Harris...and other great actors like Graeme Hart, Patrick Davis, Kody Kiser, and Ashley Smith -- and even Hobbs, who took time out of her busy schedule to read her parts in various works.  All the actors brought the best of their craft to each script while I took notes, photos and made the delightful discovery that at least one out of ten of the distinguished panelists -- the one and only Tonda Leah Fields -- reads KimmyVille.  
Community and professional theater virtuoso Tonda Leah Fields made my day when she told me she is a frequent visitor to KimmyVille.  Fields is one of the many distinguished members of the panel who will select the ten plays to be performed at the Midway Festival of Plays in October.

Graeme Hart, Kathy Jones and Ashley Smith listen as Bob Singleton introduces "Goodbye, We'll Miss You"
The festival will take place in October at Thoroughbred Theater in Midway - and I will have more details coming your way soon, I promise.  

Patrick Davis read a role from Scarred For Life, one of the entries in the Midway Festival of Plays.

There will be a lot more to cover here in the upcoming weeks as I learn from Artistic Director Eric Seale what AGL has in store for the future...he was all hush-hush about it when I asked, but promised me I'd be one of the first to know what's next for his company.  
Tim X. Davis

I'll also take a peek at Theatre and Film Coordinator Tim X. Davis' next venture at Bluegrass Community & Technical College, which has one of the best darned theatrical programs in the Bluegrass!

Brian Hampton wrote the award winning play, The Jungle Fun Room which will be presented by Studio Players, directed by Bob Singleton, who is also organizing the Midway Festival of Plays along with Jim Betts.  For more information about any of the events mentioned herein, all you have to do is take a scroll through KimmyVille - or stay tuned for updates!

Apart from all the drama and comedy, there are weekly WoodSongs concerts, the World Equestrian Games and all the festivities thereto, Oktoberfest at Christ the King, not to mention La Boheme presented by University of Kentucky Opera.  

Chancel Choir directed by Michael Rintamaa
Also, my choir is rehearsing Vivaldi's Gloria! which has one of the loveliest alto parts ever written - Michael Rintamaa is our conductor, and he will help us paint the text onto the musical canvas as the weeks progress to the holiday season.  Vivaldi was quite popular in his day, but his works sort of fell into an artistic abyss until last century, when his baroque music once again became popular and appreciated.  I love the way the notes and Latin text draw in the listening's a challenging work but well worth the time it will take to bring it from page to performance.  I consider my choir and all its elements as one of the most profound blessings ever bestowed upon and am eternally grateful to be one of the Chancel Choir's members.  

Basil Hayden, the first All-American for UK, was my nephew Marshall's great grandfather - this was taken at the basketball museum a few years ago (wish they'd never closed that place)!
The gorgeously talented Donna Ison is the new Editor of Skirt! magazine, all the more reason to pick up the new issue when you see it on stands.  This was taken at her birthday party at The Grey Goose a few months ago.
AGL's TOMMY: THE ENCORE at the new Moon Dance Ampitheatre
I also foresee many a September night spent at Cheapside and The Grey Goose, two of my favorite places to relax with friends and enjoy good food -- by the by, those of you heading to Midway for any reason ought to check out the Grey Goose Midway, which opens soon in the space formerly blossomed by the Black Tulip.  Word is that the patio is fabulous and you KNOW the pizza will be outlandishly delish!  

GO Bearcats!
Oh yeah, and I do believe I will begin my new job in a few days bartending at a gorgeous downtown hotel during special events like UK basketball games and banquets.  Sure, I can type 120 wpm, like to write, and I'm a superb legal secretary if I do say so myself, but as I told the manager who interviewed me, I would rather bartend than do just about anything else.  I love to meet new people and chew the fat with old friends -- and I la-la-la-love listening to what folks have to say...especially during a UK basketball game! 

So September, I can see you holding hands with August, but you are just about to turn the corner, let go and take over our lives with your kinder weather and gentle voice. I'm ready to open the windows and let the cool air thoroughly refresh my spirit, so I'm making the path as clear as possible for Fall to settle in for a good visit, starting with this prayer:

O God of hope,
let us know where there is life, there is hope.

When we wait for you in our lives, help us see hope beyond hope,
hope in the Father who is also the Mother,
hope in the Master who is also the Servant,
hope in the Strong who is also the Weak,
hope in the Baby who is also the Lord,
hope in the Lord from this time forth and for evermore.

Dear reader, thanks for indulging me and allowing me to squawk about myself here from time to time.  I have to unload what is on my heart every now and then, and you are kind enough to listen. Please know I love all my lambchops who visit me here in KimmyVille.  No, I won't win any 'best bloggy blog' awards for doing what I do here, but my reward is immeasurable, which is hearing from you that you like what I'm doing and that you come here to hear the good news about artistic efforts and the people who put so much time and devotion into what they do.  There is so much to cherish here in the Bluegrass, and I want to let you all in on its preciousness.  I appreciate your taking time to visit.

peace, y'all,

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