is the grass any bluer...

is the grass any bluer...
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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Caitlyn Capriette Cooks Up a New Character

Caitlyn Capriette
I'm such a fortunate soul. I cover a lot of artistic ventures and theatrical productions, follow their progress either in person or online, and then I have the privilege of sharing those experiences with you, unfettered, unaltered, and best of all, unedited.

This past summer has been a whirlwind of activity, starting with Studio Players' hilarious Run For Your Wife, Actors Guild of Lexington's spectacular presentation of Tommy: The Concert, Bluegrass Community & Technical College's A Few Good Men, then SummerFest rained down its love on me with The Merchant of Venice, Pride and Prejudice and the grand finale, a marathon of musical fireworks, the blockbuster Rent

Oh yeah, then in August, I joined the throngs of fans for Tommy: The Encore, and Bluegrass Opera's double header a few weeks ago of With Such Friends, and Sutures and Love, which was also quite splendid and left us all in stitches (heh).
Caitlyn, Kelsey, Jim, Eric, Adam & Dave at Tommy: The Encore at Moon Dance

Every show was a wonderful culmination of the determination and devotion that is nurtured within a troupe of actors and singers for the ultimate goal of bringing the works from page to stage.  That sense of family is so touching, it's so very real and sincere as actors and directors and crews support each other, bolster one another's courage, and even though the thunder roared and the heat sweltered, they proved to us that indeed, the show must go on. 

So back to me being so lucky to cover all these lambchops and why I am yammering on about all that.  I consider myself quite blessed in that I continue to meet more and more very cool people who dedicate their lives to bringing their best to local stages to entertain folks like you and me.  Sometimes I 'discover' a talent who's been here all along, but whose work I've not yet experienced, and then again, there are those whose qualities are only beginning to form -- perhaps they just need a bit of polish and opportunity, a venue for their voice to be heard.  

Kathy Hobbs in Tommy: The Concert (at Buster's)

Kathy Hobbs is one of those locals who somehow escaped my radar over the past few years as I covered the arts.  She is a fantastic singer and performer, but what truly impresses me is Kathy's spirit of generosity.  She always finds a good thing to say or do, and then, by golly, she does it!  She held the Tommy crowds in the palm of her hand as The Acid Queen, yes, but she's also the force behind Fantastical Theatricals.  

Hobbs sings, writes, acts, directs - she does it all, and is fabulous!
Apart from writing, directing and producing, Hobbs takes chances and gives opportunities to young actors who appreciate and shine with a little boost to showcase their talent.  Such is the case with Caitlyn (Waltermire) Capriette, who Hobbs met when Caitlyn played The Nurse in Tommy, and who has taken on a pivotal role in The Case of the Malted Falcon, which Hobbs is producing and directing.

Admiring Capriette and all the facets of enthusiasm she brings to a role, Hobbs is quick to sing her praises.  "I cast her in my play, and it's the biggest role she's had ... and watching this girl blossom in rehearsal is just SUCH a blast!  I normally don't cast women this young in my shows, but this time out, I thought I'd give it a try, and boy is this gamble paying off! She says she feels comfortable and challenged at the same time. After the first night we read with her, Lew Bowling, Brett Ervin and I just chattered on and on about her and how impressed we were."

"I knew she could sing, but to watch her go from bubbly and perky in one scene to bitchy and MRRREOW in the next and knowing she's enjoying every minute of it is so rewarding. This little gal, along with ALL the Waltermires is truly someone to watch for in the future!"

When I asked Capriette about her role in Fantastical Theatrical's The Case of the Malted Falcon -- which is premiering at Natasha's on September 1 -- she explained, "My character is a TV chef/cookbook author named Rachael Raven.  Everyone keeps giggling at a pop culture reference there, but it's gone right over my head.  I like playing someone ridiculously self-absorbed and bubbly!  I wouldn't go to lunch with her, but she's entertaining.  And what an art collector!"

Caitlyn points out the difference between this role and her prior characters. "One of my previous portrayals was "The Nurse" in Tommy, and my primary character dimension was simply: I love babies.  Now, it's neat to play someone with different sides and tones and motivations."

Tommy: The Encore at Moon Dance ampitheatre

It's no surprise to find that Capriette loves working with Hobbs again.  "Kathy's a blast. She's always laughing and throwing ideas at us for new perspective. She isn't afraid to tell you if what you're doing isn't working, but she's also not afraid to gush if it is. And recently, with an extremely difficult situation in my life, she's proven to not only be a great director, but also a great friend. I'm very fortunate to know her."

The singer/songwriter also performed at the recent Umi Southworth Education fund for Almira Fawn benefit at the Kentucky Theatre.  "I've watched Almira grow up and develop as a musician for years in recitals and it was an honor to do what I could for her."

Capriette is not only an actor, she's a splendid musician with plenty of spirit, plus she's just a good soul.  It just seems to come naturally to her -- her entire family is a gorgeous bunch both in side and out -- in fact, all the Waltermires are some of the most pleasant folks I know (her dad, Greg and her sister Kelsey also performed in Tommy; it was another case of perfect casting on the part of AGL's Eric Seale, who has pulled more than one rabbit out of his hat this past year...literally and figuratively :)  

Actors Guild of Lexington Artistic Director Eric Seale has pulled a few rabbits out of his hat this year when he helped bring the theater company back to its feet to appreciative audiences...most recently with a little help from the cast and crew of Tommy: The Concert. (By the by: Seale continues to rescue the this lil bunny :)

Of course, I couldn't let her get away without letting me know if she has a secret talent.  Caitlyn laughed, "I can bend my fingers back until they touch my wrist. It always makes people cringe or shriek. I'm positive it will prove to be a useful skill someday." 

That skill will definitely look snappy on a resume when she flips the magic switch to some very cool portal with her backwardly bent fingers someday and saves the world.  With Caitlyn's pretty face, sweet nature and stage presence, I was really not kidding. She can do just about anything she sets her mind to and make it better, so I can't wait to see what she's cooking up now with this Malted Falcon hilarity.  With Kathy Hobbs at the helm, she is sure to be mixing up a delight.  


Fantastical Theatricals Presents:
Sam Club, Private Eye in: The Case of the Malted Falcon
By Tony and Marylou Schwartz
Presented at Natasha’s Bistro, 112 Esplanade, Downtown Lexington
Wednesday September 1st, Seating begins at 6:30pm Show at 8pm
... For Reservations Call 259-2754

Private Eye Sam Club is in hot chocolate - er, hot water - when the priceless edible chocolate sculpture he's guarding is stolen while it's being transported by train to the Gallery of Amazingly Great Art (GAGA) in New York City. Is the thief Velma Vavoomski, Sam's ditsy secretary? Famous TV chef Rachael Raven? Bird Activist Abigail Nightingale? Or one of the other wacky characters? Can you help Sam and amateur sleuth Miss Marbles solve the crime? Sam’s looking at you, sweetheart!

All proceeds to benefit fellow local actor Robert Parks Johnson
Robert Parks Johnson Medical Fund c/o St. Martha's Episcopal Church.

Checks can be made out to
St. Martha's Episcopal Church
P.O. Box 1944
Lexington, KY 40522
Sutton's Restaurant on September 2nd and 9th.

Sutton's Restaurant has opened its new location at 110 Locust Street here in Lexington in from of the Kroger Marketplace on Richmond Road. Everything possible is Kentucky Proud, the owner himself grows and dries the herbs and the Italian Sausage is ground on the premises.  Director Hobbs says, "My first visit totally impressed me, the food was YUMMY and the prices were very reasonable, with generous serving sizes. We're very excited to perform here and hope you will all come out to join us for a fun evening!"

Call 859.229.2518. or reserve online at


If you've read the above mental meanderings and don't understand any of the references, I invite you to feel free to take a scroll through KimmyVille and see what I'm squawking about.  Each of the shows mentioned were covered herein and there's a goodly amount of information should your curiosity be piqued. 

Whenever I go to a concert or play these days, I see people about whom I've written, and I'm always happy to see them, because I am a curious sort, I want to know where they've been and where they're going.  I don't fancy myself to be a critic or a snarky-snarker. I just write about the people who make up the shows, give a little insight into what makes them tick, and try to illuminate to you their sense of family, their struggles and breakthroughs and the happiness that comes from arriving on the other side of the "page to stage" process, which usually culminates in applause of an approving and appreciative crowd.  My job is easy...all I have to do is watch the process and enjoy.  I hope you do, too.

peace, y'all,

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