is the grass any bluer...

is the grass any bluer...
on the other side?

Monday, June 14, 2010

Take A Gander, You'll Be Glad You Did

The Grey Goose is everything you want a neighborhood hangout to be.  Great food, fun folks and best of all, you can truly relax, and isn't that a lovely word after a long day at the office?  Wear your flip flops, pull the tie off, or keep it on, but you can ditch the stuffed shirt feeling and just enjoy an evening of drinks in this youngish establishment that, thankfully, has not yet developed a standoffish attitude.  

The Grey Goose is nestled in a charmingly restored space that boasts walls of exposed brick, wooden floors and an antique mahogany bar from Philadelphia as its centerpiece adorned with stained glass.

The Goose's owner Keith Clark and his staff of bartenders and servers are more than ready, willing and able to feed you and your besties anytime after 4:00 pm. The bar offers full service as well as the eight imported beers on tap, is well stocked, the patio is spacious and accessible and there are no worries that you're going to end up having a lousy time.  

In fact, the only thing to fear if you're headed for The Goose is that if it's a Friday night, you're not going to get a seat if you get there too's where both the silly goose and night owls flock! 

Accordingly, if The Boss or coworker is having an impromptu a birthday gathering, The Goose will be a feather in your cap should you recommend it.  

Hungry? There are wings, cheese fries and, oh-so-scrumptious pizza with inventive compilations that can be light fare or satisfy the heartier appetite.  My favorite is the bacon, bleu cheese, caramelized onions and mushrooms, but you can have just about anything you like on their hand rolled New York thin crust.  They use premium Wisconsin Mozzarella Whole Milk Cheese and bake it to order, and I do not know anyone who doesn't love it. 

If you are not in the mood for pizza, there are char-grilled sandwiches, the Gooseburger, a hefty 1/3 pound of chuck cooked as you like it, but for meatless days and diners, they also have spinach salads, broccoli bites, fried button mushrooms or a black bean burger on a nice Kaiser bun.   

There's nothing on the menu over $14, so if you just want to go somewhere else and spend more money, that's certainly an option in downtown Lexington. For me, though, I like to gather with friends, pass a pizza around and watch the look on everyone's face when they eat the Grey Goose pizza for the first time. As my friend TomP said to me once, "it's what God has for dinner!"   

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