is the grass any bluer...

is the grass any bluer...
on the other side?

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Photo Essay: Thursday Night Live at Cheapside

So I decided to throw caution to the wind earlier tonight, and headed out to hear Jim Gleason and his fabulous band, The Johnson Brothers perform at the Pavilion in Cheapside Park tonight.  As you may recall the Johnson Brothers were the music behind the big smash hit Tommy: the Concert presented by Actors Guild of Lexington last weekend at Buster's...

First of all, the band was incredible, as expected, so the crowd was as thick as the burgoo at Keeneland on the last week of the Fall meet.  There were soo many people there, I kissed and hugged all those who were kissable and huggable, like my buddies Paula Schrecker, Ashley Ward, Chuck Creacy - and so many more, Ryan from Cheapside, Jessica and everyone who I love who work there - which is, well, everyone (I didn't kiss 'em all, but they know I love them :) -- I just can't name 'em all right here - maybe the vodka had something to do with that, but at any rate, oh my lambchops, I wish you could've been there.  

After I did all the socializing I could do in such a crowded space, I cooled my heels  at  the bar, ordered some smashed potatoes, and had a few cocktails...took some pics of my favorite Cheapside Bar & Grill folks, including uber-cute neighbor Emily Belwood and her boyguy, Mike (nice feller, Emz!) --   

then I rambled on home, whereupon I passed the Lexington Children's Theatre, and saw Jerome Wills and Jamie Clausius working on their Horse Mania project: The Mechanical Horse.    

Walking on...then I saw the Honorable  Ernesto Scorsone, who is nice enough to be sponsoring an event for the always kind and lively Leslie Beatty and her wonderdog Big Sexy, who's recovering from dog surgery as I type.  ( *big love* to Big Sexy!  :) 

I hope you enjoy the photos, taken from my cocktail rye sized camera...the best $5.99 I ever spent ;-)  

Peace, y'all - and next Thursday, for Gawd's 
sake, get your rump down to Cheapside and enjoy the loveliness that is downtown Lexington!  

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