is the grass any bluer...

is the grass any bluer...
on the other side?

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Kathy Hobbs Casts Spell as Tommy's Gypsy

Kathy Hobbs is one of those performers who is immediately compelling. In fact, I found as if I knew her right away when I saw her portrayal of The Gypsy at rehearsal of Actors Guild of Lexington's TOMMY: THE CONCERT yesterday.  

Hobbs' voice is one of confidence and she really raises the musical bar - in a good way - for all those who perform alongside her. 

She was nice enough to fill me in on what happens with her character (the Gypsy). "She's a prostitute who tries to 'cure' Tommy with LSD and (offstage) sex. She's often known as the Acid Queen, because that's the name of the song. (And it's more fun to say than 'The Gypsy')"

Her last community theater production for was Love Sex & the I.R.S. at Studio Players.  She emphasizes that she's delighted to be a part of the Who's iconic classic rock opera.  "I'm very happy to get to be in TOMMY, mostly because I rarely get a break from my own theatre, FANTASTICAL THEATRICALS. We are traveling theatre troupe for hire that specializes in musical cabarets and interactive murder mysteries, and this September we'll be celebrating our 6th anniversary. We travel the entire state of Kentucky and even have regular yearly performances at 3 State Park Resorts."  She points out how much she appreciates Eric Seale's efforts to keep breathing life into AGL, too, since she does pretty much everything for the company, select the shows, book the dates, cast & direct.  "So I truly have respect for Eric's incredible work, holding AGL together himself. It's not easy, I know."

The good news is that there's a chance Hobbs may be able to work again with AGL again this coming season, but she's not quite sure when. Her next plans are "to get Fantastical Theatricals' next production (Sam Club and the Case of the Malted Falcon) ready for performances on June 17th (Mayfair Village) 18th (First Christian Church of Versailles) and 25th (ROHS's Opera House in Cynthiana)."

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