is the grass any bluer...

is the grass any bluer...
on the other side?

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Old Friends Renew My Spirit

I went to Northern Kentucky this past weekend to see my family and my friends, and I rediscovered the joy of being able to be myself.  I was able to walk and talk and dance and dish with about 50 of my closest friends from high school by sharing a cup of hot cider as well as the gorgeous unfolding scenery that is Fall in Boone County.

My mama spirit was renewed by cajoling a buddy who is recuperating from surgery into having a hot toddy, and trying to make her laugh as much as possible, even though she was a sport just for putting up with me.  She let me use her car and had 'my' bed all ready for me when I got there, bless her heart, even though she wasn't feeling all that well.

How did I get so lucky? I will never be able to thank the Lord enough for giving me so much.  When I got home on Sunday, the happy tears started flowing, and they did not stop.  In fact, they have not stopped.  I had crammed every bit of fun possible into 2 days, watching my brood play football, cheer, coach -- they also made me proud by being nice kids.  That means a lot to me, to have my friends say, "your son and grandchildren are so cute, sweet and friendly" is probably the best thing anyone could say to me, in fact. 

I love my kids, and they are my legacy, if you will, but I am also oh so proud and excited to cover the arts for Ace Weekly.  This week's story is going to be wonderful and after watching part of the rehearsal process last night, I cannot wait for the show to open.  You will have to wait and see what it's all about in tomorrow's Ace, which ought to be on stands sometime around 5-ish.  I talk to a lot of interesting and entertaining folks in my lucky life as a journalist, but this event is going to give everyone a long lasting case of the giggles, I tell you.  I hope you read my piece and come out to see what I've written about.  It involves a night of amusement, scenery and will serve as artistic inspiration to anyone who comes to see it.  We are lucky to have people in our community who devote themselves to such works. 

I'll hush now. I haven't said anything here in KimmyVille since last Friday and just felt the need to check in.  I've been too busy watching football and having fun with my Conner Cougars to sit down long enough to say anything, and what I've said here probably doesn't make a lot of sense to anyone but me.

Before, I say bye for now, though I have talk about something I read last week in a blog by Charles Edward Pogue (on his Pogue's Pages) where he emphasized the power that is found in doing what you love, in pursuing your passion.  I thank Charles for that reminder of what our focus needs to be - he says it much more eloquently than I, but we need more people like him to follow, that's for sure.  So to Charles and all my friends and family who've touched my heart so much -- yipes, I'm crying again -- please know I wish nothing but peace and love for all of you! 


Alamar Fernandez said...

I always enjoy reading about just who you are...a very loving and caring woman in a world that needs so much of that...hope you feel the love, Kimmy...XOX...Alamar

kycrmpf1 said...

See, you've done it again! My home, car, bed and friendship will always be here waiting for you to return. In the meantime - keep on keeping on!