is the grass any bluer...

is the grass any bluer...
on the other side?

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Grey Goose Steps Up the Scene

There is a new hotspot in town!  It's called the Grey Goose and it's on Jefferson between 2nd and Short. 

Owner Keith Clark opened the fully stocked tavern on Friday and even though it's only by word of mouth that anyone knows about it, it's all the talk right now.

The Grey Goose is nestled in a charmingly restored space that boasts walls of exposed brick, wooden floors and an antique mahogany bar from Philadelphia as its centerpiece adorned with stained glass.

Clark is pleased to fill you in all the pub's capacities and possibilities.  The "4:oo to closing" bar proper is appropriately ornate for the late 1800s era during which it was built and will offer full service as well as the eight imported beers on tap.  

Clark's near-future plans include the opening of a sizable patio with a cozy firepit and plenty of seating out back. The patio will be easily accessible, as well as a well-placed pizza bar, an addition which patrons who frequent the outdoorsy part will definitely enjoy.

When I caught up with Keith tonight, he was still working on the interior of the front room, which has a number of tables and is where the main bar is located. The back of the frontroom spotlights a delightful painting of a handful of angus-looking cattle moseying their way toward home.  This peculiarly dominating soft-sell work is called Going Home, and is by Paris, Kentucky native Nancy Milburn Kleck.  The placement of the artwork appeals to the spirit of promoting the quiet acceptance and celebration of the hours between the workday and sleep, "until the cows come home." The painting's whimsical nature will definitely set a comfortable tone for those who choose the Grey Goose to become their new watering hole.  

I'm excited for Clark. I'm excited for Ace Weekly, which is a close neighbor, and I'm excited for the downtown neighborhood.  Grey Goose is going to be the very coolest place to unwind after work, and very soon we'll all be wanting to gather there, on the west side of town where the parking is easy and the service is friendly.   You will love it, I just know...stay tuned!

for more info:
Grey Goose Bar
170 Jefferson St, Lexington, KY
(859) 233-1500


Keegan Frank said...

Ooh, is that the green building next to the school? I can't believe it's open already! Must go check it out.

Kim Thomas said...

Hey Keenan! Yeah, it is right behind the school and directly across the street from Ace Weekly, so even though we won't be able to attend a Front Porch Friday and say, "We can see Russia from here," we will definitely be able to say, "I can feel the warmth from the firepit at the Grey Goose!"

Hope you stop in soon to see how cozy this place is ;-)

The Kaintuckeean said...

That looks like another great place to be. I really think the next area to gentrify is the neighborhood to the north of Western Suburb.

FrostingandFire said...


Anonymous said...

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