is the grass any bluer...

is the grass any bluer...
on the other side?

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Lexington's Tom Phillips Narrates for ELandF in Venice Beach

by Kim Thomas

Actor Tom Phillips is well known in Lexington for his many roles in local venues, such as Actors Guild of Lexington and Shakespeare in the Park (aka SummerFest), including his appearances at the Arboretum as the lead role in Robin Hood (2003), and The Three Musketeers (2002).

Apart from being a talented actor, Tom is a fine singer and guitar player (and piano, although he's too humble to admit it, he tickles the ivories pretty well too).

Since Tom moved to Los Angeles a few years ago, is making a name for himself in Hollywood and its surrounds, and I knew that my friends at ELandF Gallery were looking for a someone to perform a narrative about mountaintop removal at Venice Beach, I was quick to contact ELandF's founder, Bruce Burris, to recommend Tom for the role. Thereafter, I was delighted to learn that both Tom and Bruce agreed this would be a perfect fit.

The event in late August/early September involves removed mountaintop soil and a collaged narrative to be performed/webcast on Venice Beach Boardwalk.

Burris recently gave me an update about the project. "Basically it goes like this. ELand F does most everything in 'public space' and by utilizing mostly free resources to create actions which are mostly 'timely.' The Venice Beach Board for all its faults is very well known public space. There is a 4 second webcam feature - located above a well known bookstore on the boardwalk."

"About 3 years ago a poem was found on Second Street about mountain top removal. No name/anonymous - and it may be written by a couple of writers. The poem/narrative is more or less broken into 11 stages. Within the frame of the webcam - there are 11 significant landmarks. Tom will begin reading the first portion of the poem at landmark #1 the second at landmark #2 and though you won't be able to hear him, you will be able to read the poem and look at a photo of the frame with all the stations numbered - so you could read along (more or less) if you wish to."

There has not been a lot in the LA area - such as readings - actions - etc. that provide much info about Mountain Top Removal so this is a way to share this info- als
o the boardwalk is - at least symbolically the end of the power grid - the furthest point where electricity made from mountain top removed coal is used - so folks will be invited to go to the boardwalk to hear the reading- and also, here in Lexington you can watch it on the internet at Third St. Coffee (not to mention anywhere) and get your own copy of the poem to read along with (of course that will all be available online as well).

The piece will be videotaped on site (LA) as well and posted.

I know all of Tom's friends will be watching; and I know all fans of ELandF will take part in this very creative way to hear the message of how precious our mountains are and why they should be saved.
As of today, July 30, ELandF's Bruce Burris adds: "We are setting up a system which allow people to tune into the audio portion via phone while watching the performance via webcam."

Please stay tuned here in KimmyVille for further updates. As soon as I know the date, time, and other particulars, I will make sure everyone knows!

ELandF Gallery small projects accelerator provides various supports for artist driven concepts which fall outside the realm of most traditionally funded projects. Proposals by email are welcome anytime.

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