is the grass any bluer...

is the grass any bluer...
on the other side?

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Last Sunday in July

by Kim Thomas

This is the last Sunday of July, which means it's time to start getting the most out of Summer that we can, and I will be on the lookout for all the new and cool
activities in which you can take part. I suspect I shall be talking with people like Fran Taylor at Keeneland, Tim X. Davis, BCTC's theatre guru, or UK Fine Arts to find out what's up with their productions. I'll shake the bushes and do all I can to bring some insights from their perspectives and deliver them right to you here in KimmyVille.

(Art-in-Motion's ArtStop will include a sculpture by Garry Bibbs; drawing, left)

Oh yeah, and it's only fair to warn y'all to be on the lookout as I'll be starting my Bree
ders' Cup research soon, which means you can expect more so-so advice on Thor
oughbred horse racing in the coming months. It'll be fun! I want to see what Nicanor's up to anyway, he's a full brother to Barbaro and has some promise, bless his little three year old heart. The Breeders' Cup covers a lot of horses, so I'll do my best not to overwhelm you...or myself. :)

Wasn't the Summer Short?
Where did the summ
er go, though? Well, SummerFest wound up tonight with the final and polished performance of Once On This Island. The musi
cal ending to the summer of wonderful drama, comedy, dramedy, murder, intrigue, with gallant performances by Henry IV actors and Jekyll & Hyde's flawlessly cast ensemble.

(photo of Churchill Downs courtesy of Amy Owens)

Yes, Lambchops, we owe a big ol hug and huge debt of gratitude to folks who made this happen, like Joe Artz, Sheila Ferrell, Trish Clark, Joe Ferrell, Margo Buchanan, Patty Heying, Nick Kouns, Ace Weekly, Liquor Barn and all the others who sponsored or put in long hours of hard work to bring these tremendous
works to the Arboretum. Applause to them for seeing their visions through to fruition. Good on you all! TO those who will be needing a 12-step program to recover from empty Fest syndrome, take heart. Just next week, August 5, you can see Dark of the Moon at TalonWinery, presented by Tim Davis' nicely assembled cast from BCTC...including a few faces you've seen before.

(Margo Buchanan directing cast of Once On This Island, photo by Tom Eisenhauer)

The tale is one with a timely mes
sage for tolerance, and the Appalachian feel will be entertaining for all. A week from today, the good people at Art in Motion will dedicated their new smART Shelter - called "ArtStop" at Third and Elm Streets. Art in Motion has two more bus shelters planned in the Aylesford neighborhood and at the social services agencies' campus off Red Mile Road. More to come.

Suffice it to say I had a lovely weekend, spent time with someone who is kinda wonderful.

(photo of Tim X. Davis in Silas House's Long Time Travelling, photo courtesy of Erin Cutler)

Now I guess I need to get to bed and put on my happy face for back to work day tomorrow. :)

pray for peace,

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