is the grass any bluer...

is the grass any bluer...
on the other side?

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Why So Blue?

by Kim Thomas

Lexington may call itself the Horse Capital of the World, but from today until Sunday or so, it might as well be called Basketball City, as we play host to a number of games from the state high school Sweet Sixteen to the opening rounds of the National Invitational Tournament. So, go ahead, Bleed Blue, Red, Purple, Green – whatever your school colors, this is your chance to get it out of your system, cheer and holler for your team, and perhaps for just a day, everyone can stop whining about the Lost Season and we won’t have to call the whaaambulance, not just yet, anyway.

With the prospect of a night full of drinking and debauchery with my elder sister, from whom I learned many an Irish sea-shanty song, my thoughts are simply not focused enough to stay on task, so I’ve been looking to see just what sort of basketball game might be found, should I decide to plant myself in a seat long enough to watch one. After all, I’m going to be river-dancing down to Cheapside, McCarthy’s, Green Lantern, and mayhaps even Molly Brookes…or Mia’s even.

Accordingly, for your convenience, I've listed the pertinent parts below:

TONIGHT: The University of Kentucky men’s team will play against UNLV tonight at Memorial Coliseum in the first round of the N.I.T., at 9:30.

THURSDAY: University of Kentucky women’s basketball team will take on Chattanooga, winners of the Southern Conference regular-season crown. The game will be played Thursday at 7:00 p.m. at Memorial Coliseum.

Wednesday, March 18, the Kentucky High School Boys’ Basketball Championship games (broadcast on WVLK-AM 590, by the way) will begin at Rupp Arena, as follows:

12:00 noon: West Jessamine vs. Hazard
1:30 pm: Grayson County vs. Adair County
6:30pm: Central High vs. Graves County
8:00pm: Eastern vs. Corbin

12:00 noon: Lexington Catholic vs. Bowling Green
1:30pm: Holmes High vs. Christian County
6:30pm: Mason County vs. Shelby Valley
8:00pm: Anderson County vs. Elliott County

IN OTHER NEWS: Iroquois High School won the Kentucky High School Girls’ Basketball Championship on Saturday, defeating Elizabethtown in overtime.

Go. Big. Blue. ;-)

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